Removing task assignees from outside the organization

I have a very large project that includes members of our organization as assignees as well as well as staff from our customer. We are ending our work with them and need to close off all access to the project. I have removed users from the team and the project from our customer. However, there are still many tasks assigned to the customer’s team. How do I completely close off their access?

Hi @Tim_Carpenter. Thanks for the post. Give this a try: The one item to note is you will need to add the users back to a team prior to remove access and deprovision.

There is a long thread on this topic on the forum: How do I completely remove a team member?. But simply following the prior instructurions for your org should work. Hope this helps!

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Hi @Tim_Carpenter! If you have any issues I also recommend you having a look at this recent thread Unable to Remove Team Memeber.

Thanks @Bernie_Orelup for sharing the solution here :star: