Remove Upgrade button & Orange banner

I think my message was moved along with the previous answer from another thread :slight_smile: @moderators can you delete both my message and @TylerNow maybe?

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Hiya - any update on this matter? Please remove the upgrade options for paying customers. We will upgrade when necessary. How many complaints do you need? It has been three years since this thread was started.


I agree, on a Premium plan, the Upgrade buttona attracts “a little more” attention than on the Basic plan. I literally can’t stop looking at this gorgeous button :slight_smile:

12.05.2020- 2.21.44
vs Basic
12.05.2020- 2.26.41

Excellent work of the designer, beautiful color, maximum contrast with the rest of the interface :slight_smile:

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Totally agreed with everyone else on this thread. If we’re paying for a premium product, we should super NOT have advertising asking us to upgrade further plastered on every page. The portfolios feature should not appear in the left navigation, either.


Very disappointed that there is not option to remove “Upgrade” button and “Portfolio” sidebar feature from Asana of all my team members. We are paying customers. We’ve decided which product we wanted and we don’t want the business plan. Instead try to promote and market the business plan in an email to your users every month or so.

We are on the Premium version of Asana and at this time do not plan on upgrading; however, we lose screen real estate with features we can’t use (e.g. Portfolios and Goals).

It would be good if there was a user level or workplace level feature where you can hide features which your subscription does not allow access.

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Hi @Benjamin_Ragan and thanks for sharing your feedback. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with another thread we have on the same topic to consolidate all feedback. I’ll make sure to follow up when I have an update on this topic!

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Hi @Marie - you can keep merging all posts, but this thread is started over 3 years ago. Why is Asana not fixing this?

We premium (paying!) customers keep on looking at that horrible Upgrade button, and worse, more elements (portfolios, goals) are being added that have absolutely no value to us.

Why is Asana doing this? Why bother paying users that have no reason to upgrade with those things? We don’t need the business features (really, we actually truly don’t need them), so why keep on doing this? I feel I would be a bigger advocate for your software if it weren’t for these kind of things.

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It does seem odd that paying customer can’t hide this and just access it through their admin console.

Also, the redundancy of “Invite People” and “Invite to Asana” buttons on the bottom is also an odd choice. Two different buttons for exactly the same function in the side bar is a bit annoying.

I can understand that it is in the interest of Asana to promote features on higher plans, I’m currently a paying customer on the premium plan. However, I have an issue with the menu items in the left side panel “Portfolios” and now “Goals” - the real estate value of the left hand side in Asana is super high due to the way Asana is used. The presence of these menu items is entirely promotional and when those features are not needed they become a frustration - particularly because they don’t scroll with the rest of the left hand side menu.

I think a good compromise would be to implement some show more/less function at that top menu level and enable users to bury items they are not interested in.

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Hi @AdamTerrey, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We currently don’t have any plans to allow the user to turn off the business options when they are on a premium plan, apologies for any inconvenience! We have an existing thread in our #productfeedback category related to this topic. I have gone ahead and merged your thread with Remove Upgrade button & Orange banner to centralize feedback and give it more impact.

Ok guys, this is getting ridiculous. We currently pay for 10 users on the premium plan and cannot justify the big jump to Business at this stage. At some point, we will consider it, but until then stop cluttering our view with features we cannot access.

“Portfolios” and “Goals” push all of our projects down the screen and the rainbow upgrade option is obnoxious when we’re already paying for the tool. It is devaluing the product we are paying for and will not somehow magically convince us to upgrade. Sure, popup information about new features one time when they are released, but not permanently. Once I (or our users) know about a feature, we know about it - enough!

I love the tool, but this has frustrated me since you first introduced it and it speaks an attitude of “Premium users are second class citizens that we don’t really care about”. That in itself has caused the thought of investigating other tools to flash across my mind more than once, where it probably would not otherwise have done so.

Why not just pop up (or better still, notification bar at the top) a message that says “See what you’re missing - check out the features you’d enjoy by upgrading to Business” once every, say, six months?


Was this a one time thing?

It’s 2020, and the banner is still visible after we downgraded to business many months ago.


I completely agree with you, Mark.

Do not worry, business users are also in the same boat - we have access to all those features, but they are so limited in functionality that we do not actually use them. So at least you have some color :slight_smile:

Oh boy, I so wish I read your comments before keep upgrading on Asana. Microsoft project manager has much better interface. I wonder if the functionality will be comparable with Asana? The big yellow CTA button is so offensive to me I rather pay for cleaner interface even with less functions. At least, we get to use our valuable concentration on the task at hand instead of worrying about Asana’s business model

Or at least provide the option to do so :-).

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@Emily_RomanWe currently don’t have any plans to allow the user to turn off the business options when they are on a premium plan, apologies for any inconvenience.


We currently don’t care about our customers.”


Our team would like to remove:

  • The annoying Upgrade button (we are already a paying customer)
  • The Timeline, Calendar, Dashboard, Conversations, and Files button from the top navigation–we don’t use any of those features
  • The Portfolios and Goals button on the left navigation–we don’t use those features
  • The “Invite teammates” in the bottom left corners–all teammates have been invited already.

I’m posting this knowing full well that there will be no positive answer. I just want to show how overcrowding the Asana interface is.

I spent the last few hours looking for alternatives and couldn’t find one that would suit us, so for now we’re stuck with Asana. But the team’s unwillingness to listen to customer feedback (as this present thread indicates) means that whenever I come across a suitable alternative, we’re gone.