How to get rid of the "Who's missing from your Team?" dialog?

Any tips on how to get rid of the persistent “WHO’S MISSING FROM YOUR TEAM?” dialog? Preferably ones that don’t require hiring more developers; only two of us on the team and there aren’t likely to be more any time soon.


Hey @Stephen_Henson; Michael from Asana here.

This is meant to help you ramp up your Team in Asana to help you all get started in earnest. That said, know that this notice will disappear within a week if there are no changes made to your account.

My recommendation is to wait it out for a hot minute & this alert will disappear soon enough!

Hope this helps!


Thank you for this!!

It’s been almost 2 weeks and it’s still there. Extremely annoying and at this point, I’m not using asana until it’s gone.


Bump. This is super annoying and I’m only on Day 2!


It is extremely annoying and doesn’t disappear yet. Is there a possibility do deactivate it manually?
It is kind of unnecessary to remind me of adding new people to my company after I did it following a list of all employees of the company!


Yeah, why is this message here? It’s ridiculous. It literally offers the exact same functionality as the team list directly below it. I’m already paying for your product, I don’t need your help to “ramp up my team” Get rid of it!!!


Not a good solution.


I dislike the feature enough that I searched help, clicked around the UI a bunch of times, searched the user account settings and ultimately googled to get here first link in my search results. And now spending 5 or so minutes to compose this message.

“Helpful” features must be easily deactivated otherwise they must not be put into the product.

I have it showing for every group in system … I have 3 groups down the left hand control bar and the “who is missing from your team?” is occupying roughly 40% of that bar with no way to close it. I get it the idea - but listen carefully I’m not hiring any more employees today to make this go away. Don’t ask me any more!

Anyone else remember the Microsoft paperclip from the 90’s? I couldn’t close that thing fast enough…this is Asana’s version.


That notification is terribly annoying and takes up valuable screen space. There needs to be a way to permanently dismiss it. Which such a narrow left sidebar, every inch is valuable to maximize information on the screen.

Not a good implementation of a feature.

Perhaps add an “X” to the notification bubble, and clicking this removes the box permanently?


“know that this notice will disappear within a week if there are no changes made to your account. My recommendation is to wait it out for a hot minute & this alert will disappear soon enough!”

Waiting for a week is not a solution to this problem. Asana really needs a way to dismiss this notification to give valuable screen real estate back to the user.


Would rather be able to tell the system to “dismiss” or something. I spent 20 minutes trying to get rid of it.


This is not ‘Solved’ this is very VERY annoying and I’ve only just started using Asana. Get rid of it now!


Completely agree. I am perfectly capable of adding people to my team. Such a stupid function that takes up so much room. What UI genius came up with this?

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Hi have a work around for anyone using Chrome. Install the extension Uber CSS, with tab open, click the Uber CSS icon to open the CSS window and add the following CSS.

.SidebarTeamMembersList-inviteAd {

Make sure you turn on Uber CSS for that domain. Now every-time you load Asana you will not have the pointless blue boxes. Happy using! Already MUCH better.


Chris, I searched but could not find that Uber CSS extension, could you share it please?

He means “User CSS”, so heres the link:

Good luck! And @Asana: Please make it dismissable :slight_smile:


Thanks Chris!

Agreed, this is extremely annoying and needs to be gone. Luckily there is the User CSS add-on. FTW!

I’m flabbergasted that this is not fixed yet since people have been complaining for months now.

Anyway if you use the AdBlock extension you can use the “Block an ad on this page” feature. Select the pop-up and it will disappear.

Besides this annoying pop-up, keep up the good work!