How to get rid of the "Who's missing from your Team?" dialog?



Just joined Asana and agree with the crowd… what is going on here? There should be a way to close or dim this thing.


Its these sorts of issues that really stop me paying for this product.


Fantastic, it worked, thank you!! Second day using asana and I have now recovered 50% of usable space, smh.


I’m surprised that there isn’t a close button for the pop up, this is extremely annoying.


Thank you Chris! It worked! :slight_smile:


I spend over 10 minutes to find the close button.


Clearly, everyone HATES this “feature”. ASANA appears not to be listening to it’s users. Get rid of it! It serves no purpose other than to annoy your paying customers.


THANK YOU! That “feature” was really annoying. Surprising that ASANA has done nothing about it and now it’s users are using ADBLOCK against it. Thank you Adblock!


I’m adding my 2 cents. I spent about 5 minutes trying to disable it and then came here after a google search. Please make this go away.


This is heinous. Please remove this notification


This is incredibly annoying, any word on when this will be fixed? Realistically it would be great to be able to drag and drop that entire side menu as well.


The Adblock suggestion worked for me. Thank you so much!!


Agreed with all points. I was going to give this a trial run before trying to roll out to larger group, but I’m so annoyed with this feature I’ve been having second thoughts.

I did finally caved and added someone in hopes that adding a team member would make it go away, but I sent them an email in advance saying “Disregard an invite you get from Asana - I’m just trying to get rid of an annoying pop-up.” Didn’t work. Now not only are they not using it, if it weren’t for the AdBlock solution (thank you!), I’d stop using it too. Just sayin - if the goal was to get more users through the feature, you might actually find yourself with fewer.


Agree with everyone else…this needs to go or we will
it’s huge, ridiculous and unnecessary


Asana, are you listening? Nobody. Likes. This. Why won’t you get rid of it?


Thanks Chris, that worked!


Thanks for the adblock idea, I am using Ublock Origin but was able to zap it as well. +100 from my team for getting rid of this terrible UI decision. At least give us an option to close it and gain that space back.


Unbelievable. Are you listening Asana? I even invited some fake emails just to get rid of the box and it worked but when I deleted them the box came back!


Welcome to the Forum @Greg_M and thanks for your feedback;

I can ensure you that we’re keeping a close eye on this thread. Our researches have shown that a few of our customers were confused when they tried to assign tasks to people on their team before they had invited them to Asana, so we gave brand new Workspaces and Organizations this banner to help them remember to add everyone they’d like to work within Asana.

If you’ve already added everyone on your team, the banner should disappear automatically after 7 days. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused; let me know if you have any follow up questions!


It is ridiculously simple to code a close/collapse button for the banner, and not having one is terrible UX. I stopped using Asana for good not long after I started this thread as I had hit more bad UX and was absolutely not interested in investing more time in the product only to learn what other horrible and frustrating decisions you guys had made.

This thread has almost two thousand views, which I’d wager is just the very tiny tip of a massive iceberg of people who are/were similarly frustrated, but had no interest in digging through your forums to find a fix.

Creating worse UX to solve bad UX is just mind-boggling. I can’t understand why you guys think that people will stick around for 7 days in the hopes that the banner will go away when there’s no indication that it will EVER go away.