How to get rid of the "Who's missing from your Team?" dialog?



We’re all having to suffer this stupid feature because some users were trying to assign tasks to people that weren’t even on Asana??!!

please get rid of it, requests been pouring in for 7 whole months!

Clickup dev team wouldn’t have taken this long to sort it out, I’m sure.


Bless you, Chris. This was driving me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: insane after only 3 days


Well… someone suggested that using “AdBlock”. Thats awesome, I got rid of it in few clicks. Thank you guys for the info


This seems most like a thinly veiled upsell to encourage people to add more members until they need a paid account. It’s extremely annoying and useless. If the objective is to help people who are trying to assign tasks to people who were not added to the project then some kind of assistance should be placed at the point when a user makes that attempt, not this ugly distracting banner.


I have it too - ASANA … I use your product in our business and pay heavily - this account is for my own personal management stuff - TAKE THE ANNOYING BUBBLE DOWN - its stopping people using the product and it isn’t doing you any favours! GET RID OF IT - there are better ways to upset than annoying potential customers! Read this thread - the sentiment is out there!


Pleas Asana, bring a solution to this issue! Won’t be paying for the product until this is not solved. It’s ridiculuos!


Thanks, but the first thing I did after setting up Asana for the first time was look how to get rid of this. It’s useful… but only while I’m setting up the team in the first few minutes. Please don’t make us wait a week before it goes away! A little in the corner would be nice at the least, or a setting somewhere in a menu that lets you remove it.

A whole week gets a bit annoying, especially because it makes my whole list of teams scroll off the page and I lose overview of everything (detracts from the usability)


Just piling on. This UX is incredibly distracting and unproductive for a productivity tool.


+1. I added another member to the team already, but the dialog looks so convincingly like there’s a way to make it go away that I found myself annoyed that I couldn’t figure out how to close it. Which led to me searching, which led to finding this massive thread.


Just wanted to agree that the bubble should be removed and a simple “x” to remove should be added by their dev team.


Asana please get rid of this. There’s nothing I can say that has not already been said. I was superenthusiastic to convincing my whole team to get this program. Now I’m not so sure anymore, if they get annoyed it will reflect on me, I might just search for a better alternative…