Hide "Invite Members" bubbles


is there a way to remove/hide these “Invite Members” bubbles, huge distraction - would love to turn off all of those acquisition hints.



Can you screen shot the “Invite Members” bubble the only ones I see are related to Projects or Teams.


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I can give you some custom CSS code to hide it but that would be very “hacky”.

Thanks, Bastian, already did it :slight_smile:

I assume it goes away once I have 5 members on the team?

In general it feels like you should not add any more clutter to the nav pane, all those little links “Team Conversations, Team …”, or add a minimize feature, I’m new to Asana, but nowadays with Slack everywhere many ppl are used to this clean, one-font(-size) lists.

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Does anyone know how to get rid of the “Invite People” bubbles under each team on the left hand menu bar?

(see attached screenshot)

Hi @Eric_Olsen welcome to the community.

There is no way within Asana to remove that option.


Hi @Eric_Olsen and thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We already have an existing thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post in this existing thread to gather all feedback in one place; hope you don’t mind!

I’m onboarding some new users today, so I pulled up a slideshow from 2017-2018 with screenshots of the interface back then to see if I need to redo it.

A lot of the interface is the same (I love that!) but it made me sad to look back and see zero acquisition hints in the 2019 interface, compared to what we have now.

The Invite to Asana button — our team does not change on a daily basis. When I need to add a user to our team, I know where to go.

The Upgrade button — We pay for Premium. We’re well aware of what’s available in Business. Should we choose to upgrade, we know how to get there.

Every day, every user on our team has to look at what are essentially ads. Why? What’s the conversion rate on these things? How many people seeing them even have spending authority for their organization? Why litter the interface of a paid service with freemium-style clutter? Is that Asana’s brand?

Still appreciate the software, just loved it more when it was clean.

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hope this idea gets traction. We are redesigning our Asana system and are putting more of an emphasis on teams and having all this extra clutter in the UI is definitely a frustration.

It looks like it’s been over half a year since this thread has had chatter. Any updates from Asana about if hiding the team bubbles will be a feature rolled out anytime soon?

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Didn’t hear anything lately and Asana does not share new features in advance…

Do we have to have this massive unsightly “Invite People” button?

And why is this button showing to non admins?

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There is a dedicated topic about upsell buttons in Asana.

Gotta chime in on this - I don’t care about the upsell aspect of it as there are other times you might add someone to the team - it is more the button itself. It’s now glaring white, not even fitting in with the existing CSS. The text all around it is #e8ecee.


The button messes up the clean UI & is not necessary. It’s an infrequently used feature for most of us & should be more hidden than it is.

I guess the “User growth and acquisition” team would disagree :rofl:

If it contributes to people wanting to leave (us) then they might come around to it. Maybe that side of it is not being considered in your analytics as people would rarely give that feedback. It’s tacky, the product should sell itself & is capable of doing so. The appeal for us with Asana & many others is it’s polish & clean UI. It’s a market differentiator that is valuable.

It seems the “Invite People” button is gone, which is great! Thank you for listening to people’s feedback.