"Teams" has dissapeared from my sidebar overnight. How do I get it back?

“Teams” has dissapeared from my sidebar overnight. How do I get it back?

Hi @Shan1

Indeed, I notice the same, on all the environment where I’m a guest.

Is it also your case?

@Vanessa_N and @Forum-team, This has been mentioned on Slack too, and I see the same thing–no Teams section in sidebar in an org where I’m a Guest. This will create a great hardship working with clients, and otherwise. Is this a bug? If not, can it be reconsidered?

@Arthur_BEGOU and @Shan1, have you or could you report to Support please?



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Hey @lpb
Indeed, that will have a big impact…
No ticket created yet. I’m afk at the moment. Could you please help?

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I reported it to Partner User Ops and asked if it could be temporarily reversed if intentional so it could be announced/proposed/discussed.




Oh how ridiculous. What a bone headed move. Why on earth would they remove it! This now severely impacts how our organisation uses Asana. It actually makes it unusable for us. We may need to consider another solution. So disappointing.

Oh, and yes, I submitted an official support ticket 2 days ago. I have not had a response yet from an actual human, but it is the weekend. Eagerly awaiting to see what there reasoning for removing it is.

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Welcome, @anon27344662,

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where we hope to learn what happened.



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To clarify, since I don’t see anyone mentioning it, the teams guests have access to are still visible in search.

But, yes, it happened to me too – teams in the sidebar disappeared, and yes, I too think this will cause significant problems.


Unbelievable. Asana’s support team suggested it’s a problem with my browser (it’s not). To be certain, I installed the desktop App… problem still existed.
So it’s evident that even the Asana support team are not aware of this latest change to their own system. What is going on?

I will refrain from expressing my opinion on this ‘change’ until it’s confirmed whether it is a bug or indeed an (unexpected) update.

I just want to share the below workaround, which I am already sharing with my clients this morning, that I know that their ‘Guest’ users will be heavily affected by this.

So, for all guest users, using Asana in a browser or Desktop app:

  1. Use the search bar to type the name of the ‘Team’ (which you already had access to) but DO NOT hit enter.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the search results to find the team and click on it.
  3. In the Team’s overview page, click on the star icon next to the team’s name, which will add it to your ‘Starred’ section in the sidebar.

This should allow guest users to use the ‘Starred’ section of their sidebar, exactly the same way as they used their ‘Teams’ section in the sidebar, with the ability to arrange the order of their Teams by click and dragging them up/down.

Hope this helps until this is resolved or we hear any further updates from Asana.
Note, this does not seem to have affected the mobile app (yet?).

PS: I don’t work for Asana, this workaround is merely to help.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply


Hi all and thanks for the reports. I’m looking into this and will confirm if this is a test or a bug as soon as possible. In the meantime, please refer to @Richard_Sather tips in the post above!


Hi all,

We been using Asana for more than 3 years now. Just today multiple reports guests unable to see team they are in on the left side panel. This was not the case before. We have guests that works in multiple team. Now they cant see it and it create a workflow nightmare.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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Hi @anon65780101 , this has already been escalated to Asana in this thread, which I’m merging your post into.
Have a look at this workaround that should temporarily help.

Yes, same here. I have NO access to any teams on all of our workspaces. The Team listing in the left nav is gone, so we can’t access the main calendar or the team and projects overview. Can we get that back ASAP, please? This is I manage all of our projects. I’m basically dead in the water until this is fixed.

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Thanks @Richard_Sather. This appears to be a workaround for guests. I’m the project leader on four workspaces and cannot access any of my teams. Any work around on that?

Just so the forum gets where I’m coming from… I’m not a guest, nor do we have any guests currently involved in our workspaces. I’m managing four teams in different workspaces and cannot access any of the teams. I can see projects and tasks, but I need to be able to access the full calendar.


Someone else in the forum had a good suggestion. In the search bar, type the team name, find and click on in the search results, once it is open, find the team name in the upper left and click on the “star” beside it, this add the “Starred” list on the left.

Works as a good temp solution.

Thanks, Gary

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Hi @Stephanie_Skupien , I take it that you are also managing ‘Workspaces’ and not just ‘Organizations’, right?

I’ve tested one of my workspaces and indeed, it appears that this ‘update’ has affected members of Workspaces also (not just Guests). In a workspace, there was essentially one ‘team’ that appeared in the sidebar, as per the workspace’s name, but now it seems the Team section has also been disabled/removed. Thanks for raising this!

The workaround is still the same for Asana Workspaces. You can simply search for the name of the workspace (as it appears when you hover over your avatar/profile photo in the top right) and once you find it, add it to your starred section. I just tested it and it works.

@Richard_Sather Yes, I manage several workspaces all on the free version. Your workaround worked! Thank you!! :slight_smile:

It also appears that this is only affecting certain people/levels. Although my teams work off of the free work spaces, our university has the enterprise version. My colleague, who manages a workspace with multiple teams on the enterprise account, is having no issues.

Thanks again for the work around!

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Glad it worked @Stephanie_Skupien :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume your colleague is a ‘Member’ and is managing ‘Organizations’ (since you mention they have multiple teams) and not ‘Workspaces’ (which are essentially a single team). That would make sense - they would not be affected by this.

@Richard_Sather Yes, that’s correct.

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