Cannot Delete Team that Has Zero Members

We have an old team on our system that we either need to delete or reactivate. The problem is that it has no users. I don’t see it on the website but I do see it on the mobile app. When I try and create a team with the same name it says “There is already a team with that name in…” When I ask to join on the mobile app it just says “Requested” but I don’t get any emails.

We’re on the free version so I have limited access to managing teams and we only have two users and neither are members of that team.

How can I either get rid of it or join it?

Hi @Marc_Ensign and thanks for reaching out!

There is a couple of ways you can resolve that:

  • You can reach out to our support team who can manually add you to this team so you can either delete it or start using it again.
  • Since you’re using the free version, it might take our team a little longer to get back to you (we do support all users, but premium, business and enterprise users get priority support), so a quicker solution in the meantime would be to create a new team with the same name and a little “*” or even a space, this should help you to work around the “There is already a team with that name in…” issue. Once our team adds you to the existing team, you will be able to delete it and properly rename the team you’ve created in the meantime. Not ideal but it might save you some time!

Hope this helps, but feel free to comment on this thread if you have additional questions!

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response!!! I just reached out to support. Fingers crossed!

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I reached out to support weeks ago about this. Followed up with them by replying back to the same ticket and nothing. I understand prioritizing paid accounts but you’d think that showing responsiveness to people starting to use Asana would send the right brand message.

If I am the only one in the team since I created it, why won’t it let me delete it?