Issues deleting a team

I just created a new team in my organisation to test a few things, and now wish to delete the team. When I type in the team name to confirm deletion, it won’t let me (stating the team name must be exact before deleting – it is).

Browser version: Brave 0.61.52

Screenshots here:



Any help appreciated. Thanks all!

Hi @Lily_Feng and thanks for reaching out!

I suspect there might be a space at the end of your team’s name, could you try to add on in the field to delete the Team?

It might also be a good idea to test another browser, just to be sure it is not a browser issue!

Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks so much Marie, that was 100% correct. :sweat_smile:


Glad we got this worked out together; if you ever come across an issue, have questions or want to share your experience with Asana, let us know in the Forum :slight_smile: