Remove person from team but keep in projects?

Hi. I had a Team that was getting unwieldy, so I just split it into two separate teams (we’ll call them Marketing and Operations). I’d like to remove the Marketing members from the Operations team, now that they have their own team. However, there are still Operations projects that involve Marketing team members and there are tasks assigned to them. Is there any way to remove them from the team but keep their assigned projects and tasks?

Hi @Jill_Schoff, Yes, you can leave a person assigned to a task and yet remove the person from either the team, project or both. The task will appear in the assignee’s My Tasks but otherwise may only be accessible through search, though, so that’s something to consider. (The assignee could add (“multi-home”) such tasks to their own private project to help keep track of them if desired.)

It might help to know that this works not just as an assignee but even just as a collaborator; the collaborator would have access to the task itself still. Though in this case the task is even more free-floating; not even part of your My Tasks.

Hope that helps (and that I got all that right; I think I did).

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software


Hi @lpb. Thanks for your response. So if I understand you correctly, when I remove someone from a team, they are also removed from any projects in that team, but any tasks assigned to them remain assigned. In that case, I assume I can re-add them to the individual (Operations) projects they are involved with and they would re-gain the project visibility they lost when I removed them from the team?

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Sorry if I was unclear. When you remove someone from a team, that’s all that happens; they are not also removed from any projects in that team as you’re thinking, and thus wouldn’t lose project visibility. If I understand your situation, just remove them from the team and you’re done.

You might want to look at Task Permissions in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and the immediately following topics on project and team permissions. But basically, a person can be in any combination of “roles” – task assignee, task collaborator, project member, team member–any combination of those. They each give certain rights as explained in those help topics. And there are a few other related concepts as well, but not sure they’re as important to you.

Hope that’s a little more clear.

Oh! I think what confused me is this message that I get when I go to remove someone from a team:
So this message is wrong? It doesn’t remove anyone from a project that they are a member of?

Whoops! I’m wrong, and you’re right–so sorry about that! I just made a test team and project to check; before I was only going from my memory, which either was wrong or something changed a while ago.

So you will have to re-add them to the project, as you suggested.

To clarify re your first post: They’re not removed from tasks when you remove them from the team, but they are removed from the project (and the team, of course). I do wish Asana would offer a choice whether or not to remove from the user from project at the time of removing from the team.

Sorry about that,



No problem, Larry. Thanks so much for taking the time to re-check that and answer me again. Much appreciated!


If it helps, you can always do an organization user export first. That’ll give you a list of every project each person is a member of. Once you remove them from the team you can use that to make sure they end up back in the same projects.