Reassign guest from team to projects

We have mistakenly invited a few guests as members of the TEAM, rather than just attached to the projects that they should see. I know that I can REMOVE them from the team and then ADD them to the specific projects, but I think that will un-assign their tasks … and I worry they’ll have to accept a new invitation. Is there a way to remove from the team and add to the projects in one step so this disruption doesn’t happen?

Hi @Damon_Hemmerdinger, I don’t believe removing someone from a team will alter their task assignments, so you should be ok there. But I don’t think there’s a one-step approach to remove from team and add to projects (but maybe that’s not an issue given the task clarification). See also this related thread (but read all posts there!): Remove person from team but keep in projects?

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Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software

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Hi @Damon_Hemmerdinger! I can confirm that you can safely remove these members from the Team, their tasks will remain assigned!

I have a similar issue. I created a team of coworkers to show them how I am using asana. Now all of my projects show up under the team and all of my clients show up as team members. How do I fix this?

Hi @Laura_Frazier :wave:t3: Is there any chance you could provide us with a little more details?

If I understand you correctly, you have created a Team with your Colleagues. Now all your projects are listed under this Team and all your clients are Members of that Team, is that correct?

If you want your clients to have ONLY access to their respective projects, simply remove them from your Team following these steps and make sure to add them only to projects you want them to have access to. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Good morning,

The issue is that my client’s projects belong to the team. It does not give me any other option. So if I remove the clients from the team they can’t see their project.

Thanks for the follow-up @Laura_Frazier. Your clients can be Full member of their project and Guest of the Team in which is located their project. This way they can access their own project but can’t see the projects of your other clients.

If you remove your clients from the Team AND re-add them just to their project they will be full member of their project, but only Guest members of the Team!

Hope that helps!

This is so confusing. It looks like I have a team page and a personal page? And there doesn’t seem to be a way to limit my clients that were added as team members to just their project without upgrading? So I had to copy and delete all my projects from the team page to the personal page, share my client’s projects with them from the personal page, delete them from the team page, and then remove my clients from the team. But I still don’t know if that was right. What is the limit to the number of guests I can add to projects on my personal page?

So sorry for the confusion @Laura_Frazier.

Your Homepage gathers all projects you have favorited and the latest projects you visited.

Your Team page is where are gathered all projects created within your Team (that includes projects created by you and others).

I’m not sure to understand what steps you took, but I would recommend you to reach out to our support team with screenshots of what you’re seeing + a quick description of what you’re trying to achieve. They will be able to take a look at your Team within our system and should be in a better place to advise you!

Again, so sorry for teh confusion!