Remove "jump back in" section on app, or make optional

I’m finding the new “Jump back in” section that has recently appeared at the top of the home page on the iOS app completely useless. It seems to choose a random selection of activities, some past and completed and some way off in the future.

Since I don’t use it, it’s annoying that it appears first and I now have to scroll past it every time to go into my projects. Could it be removed, or at least made optional?

Hi @Tom_Bell1, this is an experiment our team is running at them moment, and we have shared your feedback with them. We’ll keep you posted here once the experiment ends to let you know if this feature will officially launch in Asana or not :slight_smile:

hey I literally can’t use this app becuase of this. We didn’t ask for this unilateral change. It’s not a useful feature. Can you please share how to set my “Projects” tab as my default so I can continue using your product?