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Hello! I’m a relatively new user to Asana and a huge fan. Would love a back arrow in the desktop app, so I can click back to prior tasks. Often I find myself clicking through from one task to the next, cross referencing info…or I mistakenly click on a task on the left side list, which replaces my task in the right side task pane…then when I want to get back to my original task I have to do a search for it. Thanks for offering a forum for feedback!



@Holly.Caliri, Have you tried the browser’s Back button (or its shortcut) for this? I use it successfully all the time for exactly the examples you mention.



Thanks for the suggestion! I use the desktop app rather than the browser version. But in poking around after seeing your tip, I just noticed something… Under the View menu, there are options for “back” and “forward” using CTRL-{ or CTRL-} - I’ll try using those and see how it goes!

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Hey @Holly.Caliri, first of all thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with your feedback and also for going into detail on why this would be an improvement to your personal workflow :pray:

Having said this I wanted to quickly mention that we currently do not offer a native desktop app, we currently offer an iOS and Android app. Could you possibly confirm if you are using a third-party desktop app right now?



Huh…I feel a little sheepish…I definitely have Asana on my desktop, but I don’t remember how I got there! Here’s a screenshot of Asana on my task bar.

What I called my Asana app is actually on my desktop, it’s not a browser tab (although it does seem to be browser based in the background somewhere). Maybe this isn’t really an app, but it’s not a browser tab either – what is it?

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I am sorry for any confusion caused here, I have send you a private message so that we can resolve this together!