Reinstate the send (private) message functionality - starting from a task (hover function)

Previously I could hover over a team member that was a collaborate on a task or subtask and send a message.

That option is gone.

Is it gone permanently - is it just my account?

Thank you.

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Currently, an A/B test is running since Asana is trying to declutter and simplify the UI.

If you wish to be informed about other upcoming A/B tests you can sign up to become an Asana Ambassador:

Hello mrs. Heredia,

This is also something I noticed.
We used this option a lot !
It was the only and also fast way‚Ķ to have somebody notified, without ‚Äėdisturbing‚Äô all other collaborators.
This really is a BIG disavantage and making a fantastic TOOL , disappearing.
I really would appreciate very fast to have the feature back…
For the moment you have a completely usless feature… of assigining a task, or viewing the profile… which is useless…
Certainly when you used the function were IN a certain task, you could send a message. And the receiver of the message could immediately see about which task it was about.

I already mentioned this several times. But I think they really threw away this wonderfull feature.

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When does ASANA puts back this send message possibility…
It was the only way, to send a private message to a collaborator, the comment or message was immediately… related to a certain task… without disturbing other collborators of this task… It served as a kind of private message… concerning a certain task…
This wonderfull feature is gone now.

You can send of course a message…to 1 person. But there is no relation anymore with the task… OR with the comment… you are in.

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Currently the outcome of the A/B test has not been shared yet. Maybe in the next couple of days.

Hello mrs. Mayer,

  1. What is A/B test actually ?

  2. And how is it possible that important end crucial features like the Hoover function - message related to task - just disappear…

We really need this asana-feature in our organisation. It was the best way to do communication when working togehter. And now it is lost.

This is costing us a lot of time, and productivity…

We now have to send extra mails, do phonecalls… or when using the comment … we disturb collaborators on a task, that have nothing to do with a certain message.

I hope ASANA soon replaces the new thing again with the message-system like it was.

Just in case anyone reading is unaware, you can certainly still send messages in Asana‚Äďfrom your Asana Inbox:

Also, the A/B test-related feature wasn’t task related as I recall; it was that you could hover any person’s profile image and send just them a message, but it wasn’t tied to a task I don’t believe.



I think it was… but of course I cannot test it anymore.

If you did it IN a task (see screenshot), with a Collaborator. I think the message you sent to a certain person, contained a kind of reference to the task… Or…at least the person could see about what task the comment was ???

If it was not there… I am sorry. I always believed the person could see the task it came from.
And if it did not exist, this certainly would be the most interesting feature… sending a "private"message to one of the collaborators… in a task, without other collaboraters being notified from it.

You often work on tasks with different people, but. For example marketing - management - finance - … etc. all kinds of people involved with a certain task/item… that should be following the general task flow… But … if you send small messages to certain persons concerning the task… Not every collaborator has to be "disturbed "on that…

I do believe it was…

See here

A collaborator, sent a message to me… !

And I clearly can see … STARTED from… the task it was about !


I checked several of our former notification about messages and mails.

And I am 100% sure you could send a message referring to the task.

This really was / is a critical and important feature of asana… I think in ANY organisation.

It was one of the reasons we started with asana.

So I do not understand why it is replaced by something that is not useful, at least not useful in the PANEL of specific task.

It is possible to install it back again very fast… because this is a feature necessary for our work.

If it disappears… it really will cause us to look for another collbaoration tool…which we do not want to do… because we like asana a lot.

Wouter Rombouts

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I think the feature you are referring to may have been removed a while ago, but not positive. I believe it was in the task detail pane ‚Äú. . .‚ÄĚ menu.

The A/B test, and the screenshot you included of the card that appears when you hover a user, did until recently have a Message option, but that one wasn’t task-specific like the one I mentioned above.

I can’t speak to Asana’s decisions, but they read these comments.

I recommend you search Product Feedback and vote (at the top of a thread with the purple Vote button) if you find a request like yours, otherwise add a new one.

In the meantime, consider as a workaround Create follow-up task:

That will include a vanity link to the task in the new task’s description, and you can pick any assignee and collaborator(s); basically the same as the feature you liked, but it creates a task not a message.



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Hello Larry,

I disagree.

About the message function, in the task detail pane - when you hoovered over a collaborator… was certainly task specific. (see screenshot) - it is a screenshot from an e-mail-notification, but you received the same message in the Asana inbox.

The receiver of the message received
a) the name of the person who send the message
b) the taskname the message started from. (So you knew automatically, what task the message is about) This was a very fast way to communcate… with only 1 short message, your colleague or collaborator knows what to do, or what it is about… because he immediately sees from which task it started. Suppose a colleague is in 50 different tasks… sending a message with 1 line, might be confusing… It was not in the past… it is now.

Thanks for your suggestion in the workaround… but

The work-around you suggest, creates a new task… Which is not the idea of sending a short message about a task… to someone… We already use follow-up tasks. But that is only, when you really want to create a kind of subtask for someone… not when you want short and immediate communication.

Thanks for your suggestion. But how do I have to ask Asana to put this feature back? Because … we cannot use Asana anymore to communatef fast about certain tasks… is this feature disappears… The receiver of the message does not know anymore what task the message is about…

This way you can make SHORT communication with collaborators on a task, without disturbing the other task-collaborators.

I think this feature really is a downgrade of Asana… or am I doing something wrong ?
Who can I talk to … ? How should I get in contact with someone who decides to remove or add this feature ?

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Hi @Wouter_Rombouts,

As I allowed, I might be remembering it wrong. Certainly there were instances of the user card appearing in other contexts, not tasks, and you could still use the same button but it wouldn’t be referring any task, but perhaps I forgot it worked differently in the specific context of tasks.

I offered this in my last reply which is what I recommend to you:

So someone may reply here, but you can create a new post as mentioned and refer to this thread there.

I sympathize with you. Asana updates features regularly and we unfortunately all encounter things we don’t like from time to time.



The send message function disappeared a few weeks ago.

This function was the best possibility to sent ‚Äúprivate‚ÄĚ message to a collaborator of a certain task. By hovering over the collaborator in the taks pane‚Ķ you could send a private message.

The private message was received by the collaborator only, and not all other collaborators on the task. The collaborator that received the message saw immediately form which task the comment came… and what he or she should do with it.

This was super efficient-communication in no-time. What is especially interesting when collaborators are working at 50 tasks at the same time…

This was the most interesting way to communicate in Asana and saving a lot of time, because you only needed a few words … an all other information was in the message pane automatically…

This funcitonallity disappeared, and is replaced by … assign task , and view profile… which is … quite useless.

I really would like back the send message fucion… how it was. Or to add the message possiblity in the new layout…

Screenshot of the ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ hover-function?
Send private message related to task is missing…

The functionality did existed until a few weeks ago.
The Hover over functionality for messages is still in the ASANA help on 18-12-2023. But it has been removed‚Ķ and replaced bij ‚Äėcreating a task‚Äô or ‚Äėview profile‚Äô

end resulted in a great smart and fast communication (in private messages)
In the following screenshot (from on old mail you can see… the message was kind of task specific. Since the message automatically mentioned… started from… So the receiver of the message immediately understood what the message was about… messages could be incredibly short… and Fast…

This was how we communicate(d) fast until a few weeks ago…

Screenshot of a message (starte from… a task)
The taks was : Topcon - opleidingen. (in this situation)
And it was able to be done without other collaborators being disturbed by this private message functionality…

Yes please!
We used this feature a lot as well because it made communicating much easier.

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THANKS for putting this feature BACK !!!

It seems the feature is gone again… :frowning_face:

Hello Larry,

Again, this feature… that was reainstalled, is missing… ???
So again, we miss the best and most effici√ęnt feature of asana‚Ķ

Why did it disappear again ?
When will it be back ?

Hello @Wouter_Rombouts , you are right - that was a great feature and it’s currently missing. Now it’s super annoying to send a message to someone and related to the task. I suggest writing an article to Product Feedback - Asana Forum and the community can upvote the topic, and the Asana guys will take it into consideration.