Quick Messages - hovering to collaborator name

When I hover to collaborator, at bottom part of a task or just someone name, I don’t see a quick message option now. Did something change? That was awesome feature that allowed to automatically mention a task in private message directed to someone.

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Currently, an A/B test is running. As far as I know for the full month.

Can I please be removed from that A/B test? I no longer have that functionality and it is adding a meaningful amount of friction to my day.

Welcome, @Kendra_Davey, and sorry, but Asana doesn’t provide a way to opt out of A/B tests.



we also used this feature on a daily basis and would love for it to be changed back.

Kidn regards

I totally agree. Already am trying a complete month to communicate with people from Asana. But even on the helpdesk they are not aware of this feature.

We also used it a lot…

How do we know if the message-option is coming back… ?
Who can I contact with Asana te be sure of this…
The removal of this feature is causing big trouble in our organisation…

It is weird, that this kind of functionalities just disappear without warning anyone…

I thought the test was supposed to run in november only, sadly the feature is still missing. I contacted the support but they didn’t know anything about this.

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This problem was solved, and it re-occurs again. I again have mailed with the support team. But it seems they do not understand the problem, since they start suggesting again workarounds that are not useful… and that do not contain the task itself…

Could some other people also send the same problem to the support team … since I think they are not aware of the problem they created, by removing this feature again…