Refresh button in saved Reports

I need to refresh a saved Report sometimes, and to do that now, I am switching to another report and then back to the report I want to refresh. A refresh button will do.
Another issue that the report is not refreshed when I reopen it.

Hi @Dumitru_Andronache and thank you for reaching out!

Let me see if I can help you here. Would you mind sharing what are you trying to measure and the parameters you are using in your query? A screenshot of the Advanced Search window would be super useful.

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply!

I have these reports on the left. I select Due Tasks for example and it displays all the Due tasks.


If I open a task and change the Due Date in the future, I would like to refresh the Due Tasks list, but there is no refresh button in the top

One way to refresh is to select another report from the left and then select the Due Tasks again. Even if I do so, sometimes the task is still there until I try several times (it’s probably some synchronization with backend)

Hi @Dumitru_Andronache and apologies for the delay in responding.

Thank you for the screenshot. I get what you mean now. One way to “refresh” the report could be to click on “Refine search” and then just click “Search” (without modifying any parameter). This should refresh the Report without having to go back and forth with different reports.

I hope this helps @Dumitru_Andronache! If you wish to, I would also recommend to create a new #productfeedback thread to encourage your the Community to support for this feature request!

Have a great Wednesday!

Thanks for your answer, but this does not help.

If I use “Refine search” and then “Search”, the sorting is reset to default which is “Last modified”.
I think that the best solution is to add a discreet refresh button on the top bar.


I agree that it would be super useful @Dumitru_Andronache!

As I previously mentioned, don’t hesitate to create a new #productfeedback thread so other users can upvote for this suggestion! :slight_smile:

Has this ever been implemented?
My tasks don’t refresh in real time and this is a problem as a Traffic Manager.