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I have to manage repetitive workflows (tax returns) which come back every period (monthly, quarterly, etc.). I figured out how the repetitive task is working. The only annoying thing is, if I mark a task (return) as complete, it generates a new task but with all the old approvals marked too. I want the newly created task to start at the beginning of the workflow again. How can I do this?
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Maybe you can create one task as a starting point. Then add a custom field with drop-down and when you select a specific option and also close the task it would trigger a new one to be created (with all the info and subtasks as required).

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@Andrea_Mayer can you provide the steps to add the custom field with dropdown and what the settings would be?


This would be dependent on your specific project. For instance, this is a tax return project & I might have 10 different tasks due each month for this project that have subtasks, maybe these tasks are grouped by GL code.

First, I would create a custom field (single select or multi-select) that has the GL code
Then create a rule. When task is complete > GL code = x > Create New Task with subtasks due in X number of days.

Hope this helps.



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