Recent tasks screen?



Is there a screen that lists “recently touched” tasks?

For example, I might be assigned a task, perform some work, then assign to someone else. That task disappears from “My Tasks”. The inbox is a chronological list of activity, but not necessarily my activity on tasks - it includes information when others place comments on tasks; it includes screenshots that occupy a lot of vertical space; what I’d like is a list of tasks (like My Tasks) that shows my most recently touched tasks with the most recent at top.

This way I could go back and scroll through the last 10 or 20 or more tasks I’ve worked on without having to search for them by browsing projects or using the search form.


PS - “Recently Completed Tasks” is insufficient because 1) it does not include tasks I have re-assigned and are not complete; 2) it includes tasks from the whole team - not just those I’ve worked on.


@chris.rehberg Have you had a look at Advanced Search to see if you can create a report that handles this for you? Advanced Search is only available in the Paid Version.



@chris.rehberg sounds like a great feature request for the new Home page!


Yes having these type of reporta/views available from the Home Page would be a great idea…



FYI I tried to come up with a “recently touched tasks” report using Advanced Search but did not succeed. The big issue is that while you can sort tasks by time-last-modified, there’s no way I can find to distinguish and filter who modified them. As I understand your request, @chris.rehberg, you only want to see tasks that you modified recently, is that right?


A recent Tasks search/feature would be valuable. But there are probably other ways to get what you are looking for.

  • If you are a follower you will still be aware of Tasks that are worked on that are no longer assigned to you. But no this doesn’t help with Tasks that aren’t worked on.

  • Organize the Projects and Tasks so you know which Projects to keep tabs on.

  • If you are concerned about Tasks assigned to particular users, you can run and save searches on Tasks assigned to these users. Also, search lets you sort by last modified.

  • If you are primarily concerned about Tasks that you assign to others, you can run and save searches on Tasks that were assigned by you. Again, search lets you sort by last modified. This seems like it’s closed to the situation you were describing.


Hi Phil - thank you for making the attempt to build a report.


The way my workflow operates is simply people assign tasks to me for investigation/action. I’m not part of any broader discussion on the scheduling or prioritisation of tasks. Some tasks I will action and complete. Some I will comment on, mentioning someone else to ask for their input and then wait to see their comment added in reply before I act on them again. Some I will assign to others - in some cases expecting they will be assigned back to me later once some item of work is done; in other cases not expecting the task to come back to me. For any of a number of reasons I might want to go back and re-read a task I have “touched” in this way - to double-check some information; to view a screenshot that was embedded in the task or comments; to review a file attachment that was added to a task.

As an analogue, I write a lot of SQL for database queries and database fixes. I save these into a folder. While the file name encodes useful information about each file (such as a ticket number or description of the function of the file), I typically have my File Explorer window open showing Details view and sorted by date last modified, descending - which means the most recent files I have worked on sit at the top of the list - regardless of their chronological ticket numbers (which are at the start of the filename).

What I have found in Asana is that once a task is no longer assigned to me it is difficult for me to locate it. It may have been in one of any number of projects. I either have to scroll through the inbox in hope of finding recent communications about the task (and as mentioned, the format of that stream of information is not conducive to visually scanning) or use search and hope I recall keywords in the task.


Vince, thank you for the suggestions.

I took a look at the advanced reports and found I could add a filter for tasks that have been commented on by me. I could then sort this report by last modified - which removes the grouping by assignee or project and produces a straight-up list of tasks.

This is probably as close as I’ll get with the current filters, with the caveats: assuming I generally comment on a task (and typically I will, so that should be ok); and the sort order is affected by anyone modifying the task (which should be reasonably ok because at least I know every item in that list was touched by me - in the sense of commenting on it - and this sort order simply means tasks I touched some time ago may be brought to the top by others; over half remain assigned with me on completion so this is not too bad).