Show Incomplete Tasks + Completed Task Within Timeframe

To show incomplete tasks and tasks completed within the last week.

This blended view will help to see what tasks you thought should be there but aren’t as they are hidden by completion, while not having the view overloaded with legacy completed tasks.

I don’t want to keep switching views just to see completed tasks from today or this past week.


Agreed totally on this type of view. This is exactly what one wants for a weekly (or other periodic) review meeting. “Here’s what’s recently complete, here’s what is upcoming…”

I would further add…show me Incomplete Tasks with start dates or due dates only within X weeks of today. I choose X, of course. If I have a 2 year program planned out, I don’t want to look at faroff future tasks in my weekly catchup.

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Maybe this already exists and I missed it or it’s a Premium feature or something. But I’d really like to be able to view all incomplete tasks AND tasks completed within the last week (or day or whatever). Is that possible? I’ve been able to see completed in the last week OR incomplete tasks, but not both at the same time.

The advanced search (and the filters) don’t allow you yet to combine criteria :man_shrugging: so you are out of luck.

You can add additional filters to advanced searches now, so this is possible. Just filter for anything with a completion date within the last week. You can then quickly sort between complete and incomplete.

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I would really like this feature in My Tasks. It is the hub for our organization and would be great for people to see what has been accomplished during the week + what is left. It would give everyone a sense of accomplishment for the week.

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I would love this feature too. Recently, the “incomplete” and “complete” tasks feature has gotten even harder to use since the updated layout. Now, you have to close the little window so that the “completed” button is visible rather than it always being visible at the top of the screen. We have so many team members with subtasks on huge projects, and there are many times in a week (or even month) when I have to go back a review a completed task either to grab the link to a file that I put in there, or to double check my work.

A choice to view weekly completed tasks along with all incomplete tasks would be great. Actually, just a weekly task view in general. I have a few dozen upcoming tasks at any given time since we have many revolving quarterly tasks so I don’t love seeing all of those in my “to do list” especially something that’s not due for months. I want to only see tasks that have recently been completed or are due in the coming week. (The monthly calendar view does not work for my team as we all have so many recurring daily tasks that it would be even more overwhelming that way. )

I’d also love to see this feature in the My Tasks view

Recognize this original old is a bit old so wondering if Asana ever resolved it? I would love to be able to see recently completed tasks (like 1-2 weeks) AND incomplete tasks at the same time in each procect/mytasks but it seems impossible to have both at the same time?

They really need to fix this. You used to have that capability until one of the recent upgrades. It’s very inconvenient.

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Agreed - would be great to have the ability to look at incomplete tasks AND tasks completed within the last week. Right now the filter is set in a way that this is an either OR option only.

This is really annoying. As an earlier post mentioned, they used to have this and got rid of it. Serious flaw in Asana. I do really like Asana, but this is a fundamental flaw for a project management tool.