Is there a way for a manager to view tasks they have assigned to others which have gone unaddressed?

I am trying to understand if there is a way that I can view all tasks that I have assigned to others, which may have gone unaddressed/unseen for a certain period of days. For example, it would be very useful if I could see all tasks I’ve assigned to others which have not had any activity for 3 days since I assigned it. This could help me remedy the situation in case an employee simply missed it or, to determine if there is a reason the employee is stuck. Thank you!

Hi @Kate_Lichten

In the left panel, you have a saved search to find all the tasks you assigned to someone.
Have you tried that ?

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Thank you very much for the reply!

I do know that feature that you’re referring to, thank you! The problem with this feature for me though, is that it brings up ALL tasks I seem to have ever assigned people (even if they have since been re-assigned to others). This creates a convoluted list for me.

That being said, after seeing your message and exploring this feature again, I noticed I can further filter the tasks by “creation date” or “modification date”. I am going to try this, it may be a solution!

Thanks again!

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