How do I see what my staff completed each week?


At the end of the week I want to see what each staff member did all week. I know I can do “advanced search” to see what tasks I ASSIGNED to them that they completed, but that’s not what I want to see. I want to see EVERY task they completed that week (to know if anyone is slacking off or not). How do I do this?


Hi @Michael_Sorcinelli, you can customise the reports further so you could build a report to show all “completed” tasks “within the last 7 days” assigned to John, Mark, Paul, etc. then display the report by person.


Yes, that works for assigned tasks, but is there a way to search for completed tasks, and see who actually completed them, regardless of who they were assigned to?
Use case:
we have a shared project for a department. Things need doing, any staff on duty are qualified to handle them, so tasks are not assigned. they live in the shared queue. It’d be great to be able to pull a report showing what’s been completed by a team member, regardless of whether it was assigned to them or not.


In that case, I would recommend changing your process slightly. So when someone picks up a shared task, they assign it to themself so that the rest of the team knows they have taken ownership of it. It would then also be useful for reporting, like this.


I actually ran into this issue earlier this week, too. It seems there should be a “Completed by…” criterion in the Advanced Search settings but there isn’t. At this point you need to make sure tasks are assigned to the person who completes them.


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