Filter for "Completed By"

I have a saved search for completed tasks by my direct reports. If there is a task with no assignee that gets completed then it is omitted from these reports since they are not assigned. Would be great if there were a filter for “Completed By”.

That would also fix any issues with a person other than the assignee completing a task so they could get proper credit.

Obviously this is all fixed by properly assigning tasks but when you are creating subtasks within a project, it’s very easy to create a bunch of tasks to be worked on and not think to assign them.


I also need this. I want to search for and review what someone was able to complete today, this week, whether it was unassigned, assigned to someone else, or assigned to them.

The tedious work around is to never complete a task without first reassigning or assigning it to yourself.

and that workaround is tedious indeed. especially when working from a shared project with repeating tasks. in such a case, you’d need to assign the task to yourself, complete it, wait for the rescheduled task to appear, unassign that task from yourself, then unfollow the new task so as not to receive superfluous notifications for any and all activity on future iterations of the task. Otherwise team members’ inboxes become so utterly clogged with irrelevant updates as to make the inbox effectively useless.

How is this not a feature yet? :cry:

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Adding my upvote to this. There have been many instances (including today) where I have wanted to search by this.

My team could absolutely use this! There are certain tasks the need to be completed by the appropriate person, and I would like to be able to track who marks them complete via reports and custom fields.

Need this feature asap