Rearranging key resources without having to unlink & relink them

It would be nice if we could re-arrange the key resources we link in the overview tab. Currently it seems like we can only add and take away, but re-arranging them so the most used item is always up top instead of randomly in the middle wherever I happened to upload it would be helpful.

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Yes correct currently even the links are kind of added as attachment under Key resources.
Usually we only add attachments there and add the links further above in the notes field. But I do agree this would be very helpful as even the Resource name cannot be amended once a link is added there.

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As a follow-up question to this:

Is there a way to manage company-wide key resources in one place in Asana?

Right now we are trying to create a workaround by
A using an extra resource project (for links, files, documents) +
B a lot of Google Drive for this purpose.

But we think it would be cleaner and more comfortable to have a place within Asana.

Also not on the project level – but on the team, or best, at company level.


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we tag so many of the same google docs over and over again; one central place would be amazing!

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Hey @Daniel46,

Have a look here: Have a "Team Home Page" when you click on a team - with more overview information, urgent tasks, tagged tasks, reports, link to task list, etc
And this might be interesting too.