Have a "Team Home Page" when you click on a team - with more overview information, urgent tasks, tagged tasks, reports, link to task list, etc


Currently, when you click on a team name in the sidebar, it takes you to the “Conversations” page of the team, with the option at the top to go to “Calendar”.

I feel this is a missed opportunity to have more overview information on all of a team’s projects.

It would be great if clicking on the team name on the sidebar did not go to the Conversations page, but, instead, took you to a Team Home Page which has a list of Projects (customisable which ones), and with incomplete tasks displayed under each one. It could also show urgent tasks due in the next day, next 3 days, next week, tasks with certain tags, and so on (customisable).

On top of this, it would be great if you also had a link to a page that displays all outstanding tasks (split my project). So the top bar would be “Conversations” , “Calendar”, “Tasks”. At the moment, it is very strange that I can’t list all my projects and all tasks for a team on one page without making a report, further, at the moment, that report is under “Reports” in the sidebar, and can’t be moved to the relevant team.

Even better would be to be able to make custom reports and have them linkable from this Team Home Page or the top bar, or at the very least, put those reports on the sidebar under a team name rather than in the reports section.

I hope that helps!


Great idea!


Thanks! I just feel like clicking on a team should take you to information/an overview about that team and what’s going on. Otherwise it’s a bit of a waste, really!

It seems especially odd right now that you can’t list all tasks by project when you click on a team.


I would be surprised this is not something they would be working on. Great idea!


Hopefully there are! It seems like it would be a really useful feature.


This is something I need desperately for my design and support team. Thank you for bringing this forward. I hope Asana sees this and puts something in place soon.


I think the best thing to do is keep this post alive by adding messages! Ha.

Honestly surprised it hasn’t been suggested before. It would be really great!


I noticed that this change has happened but wanted to suggest on this that a little preview of the most recent conversation or an overall progress bar or something would be nice. Instead of just serving as the introduction to the team. That way there’s more of “what the team is up to” rather than just “who they are.” - We keep our meeting notes in Team Conversations and use the Status Updates, so pulling one of those into the top of this new page would give a little more depth to the “Team Home Page” idea.


Something definitely missing is the ability to see all tasks under a team, grouped by project or as a simple list.

The only way to do this is to create a custom report, but it really should be integrated in to the team home page, possibly called “team task list”.