Unable to add links in Key Resources

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Team members can’t seem to add links in a project’s Key Resources. Before this is possible but a few weeks ago, we noticed that only the project members is allowed to add links as KR. Our only fix right now is to add a member in the project for them to be able to add key resources even if they’re already a member within the Team. I’m also not sure if this is a bug or changes made by Asana.

Steps to reproduce:
Ability for team members to be able to add Key Resources in projects within that Team.

Browser version:
Google Chrome

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

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Hi @Jaro_Necesito, to clarify, organization members who are also members of the team are unable to add links to the Key Resources field, is that correct? Testing on our end, full organization members can add links to that field as long as they are member of the team where the project is located.

Hello @Jaro_Necesito

I tested this further on our end as well.
I looked into a project I am not a member of and I am not a member of that team and I was still able to add a link to the key resources.

How many people are having these issues in your org? is it everyone? or just one or two?

yes this is correct.

3 people has reported to me that they can’t add links in key resources. weirdly enough, it never happened before. had to add them as member to be able to add KR.

Hi @Jaro_Necesito Can you confirm if the project in question is not set as “comment-only”?. To better understand the problem, our team would need to view project details and users permissions. I would recommend reaching out to our Support team directly since they have more access to investigate this further. Please provide them with the IDs of projects where users cannot add links, as well as the email addresses of users experiencing the issue. Thank you Jaro!

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Hi I think I have sorted it out. For some reason when we move the project to another workgroup. It chanegs to ‘comment only’ so I have to update this from ‘can comment’ to ‘can edit’

Thank you for confirming, @Jaro_Necesito!

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