Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Hi Ian. If you could, please send an email into with the number of users and I can send you detailed pricing. If it’s just a single user it’s $5 per month.


Nozbe can do this really well, real time bi directional sync, recommend it!


That’s true, Gcal sync is a premium feature of Todoist. But I must say 30 dollars per year is affordable for a single user, therefore I am a premium user. And the 2-way sync works fantastic. But Todoist is only a - very good - smart task manager, not a collaboration solution like Asana is. And that is what I need to improve my teams workflow.

In the meanwhile ClickUp had launched it’s Gcal sync and it works just as smooth. :slight_smile: It’s becoming a very serious alternative now. And no, I’m not a Clickup stakeholder of any kind.


SkedPal is a smart calendar app that integrates with Asana and syncs with GCal and Office 365. With SkedPal, you can assign a duration to each task, and set your preferences for desired times to schedule your tasks. Find out more here


Looks great, will give it a try. Although $10-15 a month is pretty steep for ‘just’ a smart planner.


You´re right @Brian5 the clickup app its working in powerfull tools they just need to work with cross indexing and granular privacy and then we will on the move…


Does everyone has the google/outlook calendars as read only? If there’s no real time sync at least make it editable so I can do something…


Hi, i’ve made a test to get a two way sync calendar and it’s working.
I explain : i have a trello account with the power up “planyway” which make a perfect and instantly two way sync with Google calendar.
I have a Asana account, and i really like the connection with Instagantt.
So i’ve decided to connect Asana an Trello with the Trello power up called Unito. And miracle updates are two way sync and almost instantly between Google calendar and Instagantt .And between them there is Asana, with perfect update of card dates and time.
The problem is that i have to pay for Unito, for Planyway, for Instagantt. It’s boring me to have many solution to pay separately and not sure it will work fine tomorrow.
But it show something very important. That’s a real will of Asana to not develop the two way sync with google calendar because it’s technically possible. I don’t know why but i know that as long as it’s not resolve i will continue using Trello.


I’m also interested in the real-time, bi-directions sync with Google Calendar and Asana, @Maggie_Reddi - I don’t see a contact button, though.


You can find out more on our website here:

You can start up a trial there as well.


Is there Office 365 integration available ?


I left wrike to come to asana because of the lack of google calendar integration. At the time sunrise calendar with asana was the next best thing. Wrike now has google calendar integration. Might be time to migrate back! Come on Asana get your S#1T together. Avoiding a basic functionality like this is ridiculous!!!


well this works !
Thanks reddiapps!


Hello everyone, at first I have to say that I really love Asana. The interface, workflows and mobile apps are great to use and boosting up my projects. But I have to agree that a “live” two-way-sync to google cal should be a basic feature (especially if you are "recommendet for gsuite). Since other 3rd party service providers are already offering such a functionality I tried to build something myself regarding GCal API, Asana API and a bit of Appscript…and I was able to implement a working 2-way-sync with a google calendar of my choice. I have to admit that I am not a programmer and the way I am doing it sure isn’t the best and most effective way to do it, but I was able to implement it.

Since all of my workflows and meetings are summing up in Google Calendar, I am using it to plan my days, with exact due times and need a 2-way-sync to manage my daily needs.

If a hobby programmer (with nearly no experience) a pull that up, you guys at Asana surely can do that too and even better ;)!

have a nice day!!


Thanks @tpjasper. However, just noticed there is a typo in the URL. Here is the correct one:


nice @luc_monneron! really nice!
But… I actually haven’t used asana much the last year, only for a few private todo-lists, because with my new teams and projects two-time sync was a must.
I’m only back here today because a friend who studies online marketing and now is an intern told about some old school way to assign: “they hand out the todos each week on a printed paper”. I said: “You should try asana… I used it a lot before and it’s great!”. So I gave him the link and… well, when I woke up this morning I wondered: “why don’t I use Asana any more? It was much nicer than the tools we use now…” But then i remembered this…
Like I said almost a year ago: Sunrise fixed this problem for free.
Then it was shut down by microsoft.
And now I’m back here, one year later, and…nothing has happened at the Asana end? What’s up with that? Asana just got 75millions and they can not fix the calender sync issue?!?

Please @Alexis, gimme some good news here!
I’d love to promote Asana to everyone i know!
(especially if you make some kind of workload/resource managment function as well sop you can see how much stuff someone has to do one week and either assign some tasks to someone else – or just move the due date)


Wow! is it possible to get my hands on this?


Qau have you tried
It works a treat!


I may check this out. But I really don’t want to add yet another app to my stack.

Because of that, going to look at @Maggie_Reddi’s solution first.

Very eager to try these two out.


SkedPal is now listed on Asana app directory:
Check out the details as there is a lot more to it than just calendar sync.