Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Yeah. It’s kinda wierd to need ANOTHER app, that in most cases I seen cost money. (Sunrise was an exception).
I love the look and UX of Asana, but i need a todo-app that actually work smooth for most people, including freelancers I work with.


I’ve used Focuster and love it’s ability to slot my tasks into my calendar so I always know what I need to do next. Skedpad looks similar – maybe even more sophisticated – but I really don’t want to have to add yet another app to my workflow to manage tasks/time when these capabilities could instead be accomplished through bi-way Asana-Gcal integration + some scheduling logic in Asana.
I want Asana to pass tasks from “Today”, “Upcoming”, and “Later” sections of My Tasks to Google Calendar and schedule time to complete the tasks based on the time duration I set in Asana, available time on my calendar, and priority of tasks in My Tasks. Focuster already has this capability but lacks bi-way integration with Asana, requiring me to not only use and pay for an additional app but duplicate data entry/updating.
I’d also like my main Google Calendar to be marked “busy” when tasks are scheduled so that my teammates don’t book over scheduled tasks or get the impression that I’m not working or managing my time.


SkedPal doesn’t look like the answer here, in brief testing, having connected a project full of tasks to a SkedPal project, nothing actually seemed to sync across.

If there was an error in the process, there was nothing to suggest it. There also doesn’t appear to be an option to delete your account, which I didn’t appreciate.

Third party tools shouldn’t need to come into this, Asana’s not exactly cheap, and I get full two way sync rolled out across thousands of users isn’t easy, but it’s expected.


The latest news update of Asana unveiling their Timeline feature, upcoming meeting scheduler etc. could indicate the slow death of this feature request.
It definitely feels like they really don’t care about better integration with other calendars, instead opt for all time-scheduling to be done in Asana itself.
I hope I get proved wrong, because that’s simply a bridge too far.


My 2 cents: We have been using asana for several years but have never been fully satisfied due to this issue and have actively been looking for a solution. We need to be able to accept meeting invites from our clients into either a google calendar, outlook or ical and these new scheduled items need to sync back to our asana calendar immediately.

Timeline Gantt and Calendar

Sorry if this has already been mentioned (I didn’t have time to read the whole conversation)…
Asana’s google calendar integration is not really an actual “sync.” Asana simply shares an ical feed to Google and Google displays the ical on the calendar but only checks the feed (refreshes it) once or twice a day.

Other applications offer true syncing in various ways. For example, Gqueues creates its own “real” google calendars (not ical feeds) and, thus, can sync changes both ways.


EXACTLY what I thought.


I highly recommend the Project Buddy integration:
This is the solution that @Maggie_Reddi has posted in this thread about. It works great, and the customer service is top notch!

I still want Asana to include this feature, but now I would feel bad not using Project Buddy if they ever did include it, the service has been that good. If you want to sync Asana and your Google Calendar, using Project Buddy is the best option aside from coding an app yourself.


Hi @Maggie_Reddi, I’ve successfully paired Asana with Google Calendar, but my tasks still aren’t showing up in my calendar. Do we have to manually add it? What would be the URL?


Hi @Hans_Yunez. Our initial synchronization takes a little while, but everything is real-time after that. We also had a large number of new users to process yesterday. Everything has caught up now though so you should see the tasks in your calendar. I emailed you separately as well so we can chat over email on any tweaks you might need.


Just two add my 2 cents. One of my clients was impressed by Asana after we used it for planning a workshop. Her organisation with 12k employees considered using it last month. They really loved it…apart form one little thing. The sync issue.

I cannot even start to imagine how, from a business point of view, this hasn’t been solved yet.


So the whole team of Asana engineers cannot do two-way sync with GCalender but @Maggie_Reddi can. What a wonderful life?! What miracles happen?


I’ve been using Asana for a while now, and have a dashboard I want my team to work off of. Unfortunately I can’t embed the Asana calendar as an iframe and syncing it to google takes way too long. It’s very unfortunate as I’d much prefer Asana. This functionality is though critical to me.


Well shucks. I just signed up for Asana to test it out, and I have to say it’s a real bummer that a two-way calendar sync feature hasn’t been implemented yet. My team is now considering moving over to either Trello or ClickUp, both of which have good two-way calendar integrations. We’re leaning towards ClickUp at the moment, since they also have three different views you catch switch between.

Please keep us updated on any progress here! I really like Asana’s UI and would hate to have to move on.


Been using Asana over 2 years and watching this issue languish well over a year.

We to are seriously looking at ClickUp and alternatives.

I don’t think this issue will ever be resolved. Too bad.


Come on, Asana-people! Todoist and several other tools have been doing this for ages now.
This is the kind of feature that is clearly been asked by users.
Please, please, please… pretty please?


I started using Asana and was excited about it until I found this thread and realized it’s been a while and the two way syncing is still not possible.

I’m moving to Click Up… That also offers Gantt sharts, many features, AND two way syncing.

It’s a shame, really. I’ll check from time to time and might come back when you implement it.


thanks! i’ll be doing the same!


Looking into migrating my 5+ person team to ClickUp now because of this issue.


Also testing ClickUp after reading the suggestion here. Different but promising at first. The only thing I miss so far is emailing directly to task list, works only via zapier integration. Calendar sync works well so far.