Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Did you have a successful experience with the Project Buddy app for G Cal sync? I tired it and the functionality was very limited so far as I could tell…


So is there still no way to sync Team Calendar to Google Calendar? Seems like this is just as straightforward as syncing a single Project - so frustrating that it’s not available.

I manage a marketing team and we have a shared Google Calendar for projects and meetings so simply being able to sync our Team Calendar to this is ideal - even if it’s only 1-way for now. We have one Project for social media, one for PR, one for advertising etc. and it’s a nightmare to have these all seperate.


It is such a dealbreaker that the real time, 2-way integration is still on the wish-list. It drives me (and my clients, also possible clients for Asana …) and I can imagine a lot of Asana-users nutty.


Like most people here, I would real integration with google calendar. It would be immensely useful!


I think the project buddy solution that Maggie is developing still has a few kinks but is well on the way to filling this gap. I recommend folks check it out. I am using now.


It is getting there!


Yes the Project Buddy is working nicly so far - but unortunatly cost about 4-5 per month… on top ;-/


Hello @Maggie_Reddi!

Could you please share a quick video of your syncing tool in action (or upload it to the landing page)?? I’m very interested in seeing how it works!

Also, if a task has both start and due dates, does your tool use those as the start and end dates of the event in Google Calendar??

Thanks a lot!


Working on getting it added to the landing page. You can view a simple one here for now: Just shows Asana and GCal side by side and how changes can be done in both. It was made with the older interface for GCal but not much difference in the functionality.

If a task has both a start date and a due date, we can use both of those fields to set the start and end dates of the event in the calendar.


Thanks a lot, Maggie! It looks great :smiley:

What about the event duration in Google Calendar? How is this established? Or are all tasks just created as “all-day tasks”, like Asana currently does??


We have a setup screen that asks several questions, one of which is the length of the task. If you just use Due Date for example, you can specify that the Due date (and time) in Asana is the start date of the event and it should end either 30 minutes or an hour after it begins. There are more configuration options, like making the Due Date (and time) the end date of the calendar item and the start date of the event to be some offset of that. It can get a little confusing but we have some common options you can start with and then tweak them from there.


It is interesting that Asana continues to point the finger at Google for the inability to create a real-time sync when platforms like GQueues, Nozbe, now Todoist, and other platforms have apparently accomplished this two-way, real-time sync. Yes, Asana has some neat project management features that make it appealing. But, quite frankly, it sounds like there is a lack of desire on Asana’s part to maintain a ‘top of class’ product. Is there a reason for users to consider a platform with a more robust roadmap?


ASANA do you have some news about “due time” and Google Calendar synchro?
I think it’s illogical we must to use a third part payed product (like waht Maggie suggested) when we still pay lot of money for Asana.



We need to be able to sync “Team Calendar” as well.

I wanted to vote for your suggestion but @Alexis merged it into this thread because it is calnedar related even though it is a completely different unrealted suggestion than realtime 2 way syncing. It would be a much much easier and very quick to add programmatically but unless broken out into its own request won’t get done until they solve the bigger 2 way syncing issues which is a real shame.


Hi there! I appreciate your concern. We thoughtfully merged the threads because the subject matter is related and your requests will be reviewed together by our product team. :slight_smile: Thanks!


has anyone successfully used zapier to delete a matching google calendar event triggered by a completed asana task?


Have looked into it, but I don’t think that is possible. I’n not a developer, but I think services like Zapier and IFTTT are event based automation tools that work with standalone triggers that can be combined in a one time pocess. Once the process is done, the connection between the task and the calendar event is gone and therefore can’t be updated.

The only way a real 2-way sync is by connection Asana directly with GCal, like their competitors have done or are doing. Even newby rising star ClickUp has announced to launch their GCal connections soon.

Asana should step up their game or they will soon be the Nokia of productivity tools. :wink:


I just voted and would like to add that I would like the real time 2 way calendar sync for outlook. i tried google calendar but the asana calendar turns up as a read only which doesnt allow me to move the tasks around to schedule my day which is what I would like.

i also looked at Todoist since it has a real time sync with Google. Personally, as an ex user I dont like Todoist. the free account is so basic! and I believe the Google calendar sync requires a paid account.


Someday a good answer for this? Is there any secret reason users shouldn’t know?


I have been researching Asana and I love everything about it except for this. I was actually blown away that it didn’t have real-time synching with Google Calendar. It seems like other companies have this ability.

I have looked into the Reddiapp by @Maggie_Reddi and I think that will work great. Can anyone provide an average per month cost for this that I can forward to my boss?