Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Hey folks - Thanks for checking in, @Daniel_Krueger. To your comment @Sam_Leahey - I can assure you that our team does care. I’m sorry to hear you don’t feel this way, as our team genuinely considers all the requests of our Community. To clarify, this product feedback section of the Community is not an ideation community, but rather a place to make the product team aware of your feedback. I send the team a monthly update of the top voted requests, and this thread was part of the December list. The team considers lots of different factors when making product updates - you can learn about them in detail here: **Read this before posting** How you can give feedback and what we do next. I especially encourage you to read the Medium post by Jackie Bavaro, Asana’s head of Product, so you can learn more specifically how we approach our product roadmap.


It’s hard for me and/or other NOT to feel that way @Alexis. It would epic if this feature get’s dialed in but I’m not holding my breath given all the above :frowning:

I’ll keep checking in on this thread though from time to time just in case!


@Alexis I think they are relatively different below.

  1. Realtime sync
  2. Two-way sync
  3. “Team Calendar” sync

They are all needed for me, but I want to separate discussion.
Espesially for “Team Calendar” sync feature.


Sorry, I forgot this.
4. Due-time sync


please add real time sync!
im sure there is a solution for this


Yes! Can this please be done like yesterday??? This is a killer.

We need to have real time sync with Calendar and Mobile notifications like ASAP.

Podio does this and it rocks! You guys are a leader so now is the time to really step it up and make it happen.

Are you guys even working on this yet?


Hey everybody, have you voted this topic?
This feature request will get 3rd priority with 10 more votes.
See below.


I’m using a messy ‘set a tag’ and a zapier recipe just to create orphaned events on gcal so I can schedule my day. A real-time 2-way sync that can be filtered by project and/or tag would be a big help!


Happy New Year, @Alexis!!

Any updates on this?? What did the product team say about this feature in the December meeting?

Real time, two way, calendar integration would be a wonderful way of starting 2018 for many of us :slight_smile:



Hi @angeliti - Happy new year and thanks for your enthusiasm. :slight_smile: I’m unable to report on the product roadmap, but please know the team is aware of the request.


Please, help us out. The same request is being posted by iCloud users, as I have read in the forum. So please, make us all happy and integrate it with the Google Calendar. Since Sunrise is not in the map, we are all doomed.


Hey Maggie, I’m interested in the G Cal sync as well but can’t see where to message you.


Oh, so it’s secret!! :thinking:

In that case I will keep my fingers crossed…

Hope you have a great start of the year, @Alexis!! Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:


You can get started at this link:

Let me know if you run into any problems during the setup.




Hi -

Just want to add our voice to the thread (and just voted). We’re new users migrating from Basecamp 2.

We were aware of limited calendar functionality in Asana but since we saw this: we assumed that we could use Google Calendar. Admittedly we didn’t look closely enough to realize that it was only a one way sync. Or that Google Calendar is not one of the Google file types allowed when adding files.

So thanks Maggie - we will be checking out your Project Buddy tool.

But really Asana - so far we love your app, but your promotion of Google Calendar integration could be more clearly stated. Looking forward to seeing real Google Calendar sync functionality in Asana one day!



The fact that others have already solved this, and Asana isn’t lacking any resources, means there’s obviously stuff going down on the backend they don’t want to tell us so we’ll continue to get the run around here about “escalation” and “thanks for the feedback” etc :frowning:


It is said that this is from Google side. If it is, why other programs have made it done?


This is my first day using Asana and very sad to say my last day. Need real time sync.


Just signed up for this last night after reading various reviews. Was pretty excited to set up our test account, and came across this calendar sync issue.

This is a deal breaker, there is no way my company can utilize this tool in our workflow. We have over 7,000 employees globally, and real-time 2 way calendar sync is an absolute requirement.

This feature does not have enough votes to get to the top, and judging from how long this thread has been open, it does not look it will be implemented anytime soon.

I just wanted to leave this feedback to let you know that not providing this feature will keep any medium to large enterprise companies from utilizing this product.

It is unfortunate, as I really like the interface, but we will now have to look at alternative solutions.


Hello all,

Thanks so much for your ongoing feedback here. I regularly send updates to the product team about our top Community feedback threads and this is on the list. Please know our team is aware of your request and doing their best to prioritize this with the other requests from our customers. We appreciate it.