Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Also, just noticing my comment was moved from it’s own feature request to this thread. This is a separate request that has nothing to do with two-way integration.


When our product team examines a thread they take into account the many suggestions about a feature. So, we’ve noted that your suggestion does not necessarily reflect the real time integration, but it does have to do with Google Calendar. Thanks for the suggestion!


We too are happy with Asana but looking to move just because of the poor GC sync. We hope you go ahead and take care of this before we find a good enough substitute. Because once we move we won’t really be looking to move yet another time. A shame since we are really fond of your product otherwise.


Please keep me posted on when this feature will become available. I am running a new company and need the real time Google synch too… Thanks Alexis!


An ETA would be nice…


Amen @Brecht_Seys. An ETA is def needed!!! :frowning:


Please keep me posted on when this feature will become available. I am running a new company and need the real time Google synch too… Thanks!


Dears, as many others I don’t understand why we have still this issue. You have just update Asana with Strat date and end time feature but we are still struggling with Calendar integration (G Suite in your case) which sounds fondamental. We have just started to test Asana as replacement of Todoist but this lack will stop the deployment of the solution (without mentioning your pricing policing which become tricky when we go above 15!). This topic is open since months and still no visibility on a basic feature as a calendar sync! So where do we go now?


Yes are you ?

Great product but this simple thing is real problem with a very important feature. I mean look at it this way :

Your product is all about planning and managing project and yet you can’t sync well with Google Calendar.

We still use asana for now, trying some premium features even. But don’t forget us on this :wink:
Good luck.


I’ve just checked and it seems that Asana just doesn’t recreate a *.cal once changes are made to project.


Syncing Asana to a calendar, only syncs the due dates.
It would be great to be able to sync the due times as well.


@Alexis any updates on this??


+1 to this whole conversation - proper two way, real time Google Cal sync is pretty much a must at this point.


Anyone interested in a third party solution to this, please message me. We have some real-time, bi-directional synchronization with Google Calendar and Asana.




How do I contact you?


@bob_christensen, I just sent you a direct message. For anyone else that is interested, just click on my name and click on Message to send me a direct message. That way we aren’t flooding the chat with information that does not apply to everyone.


Im also waiting for a google calendar sync for a while now…
Maybe have to move to another platform too… wakey-wakey Asana!


Dear Asana Dev Team, Dear @Alexis,

kindly tell the community, how it can be realized by third party (@Maggie_Reddi) and working fine, but it cannot by Asana itself. I really believe, that I am not the only user beeing curious about that.

Your statement will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,


@Daniel_Krueger I’m with you but I think the reality is they don’t give a crap :frowning: I just resolved to thinking it’s never going to happen but they can’t delete this thread because that would make them look bad so they just let it run and ignore it.


We are also in need of the sync between GC and Asana. Will likely downgrade (from Premium) to the free version and find something that will be more beneficial.