Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Agreed. Major shortfall, currently looking elsewhere for this capability.


+1. Previously it was working in Sunrise calendar (before Microsoft broke it).
It would be a killer feature.


Agree agree agree!!! This feature is a make or break one for my company as well.


Being able to one-way sync multiple team calendars into a single, combined ‘big picture’ calendar would be exactly the functionality we would love to see in Asana. It would enable key personnel to see how human resources are being tasked and identify periods when the over/under tasking of personnel was occuring. It would assist with the temporary re-allocation of team resources to other teams when resources are stretched to the limit due to high workload and/or shortage of available personnel.


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Please make it happen, I am used to Asana and like it a lot, but its a total non sens not to have the two-way sync and i’ve used less great product that perfectly do the job so its not on google’s end ! and even on the one way sync - when we put a time to a scheduled task it does not appear on the calendar time slot ! … Please fix it :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis: thanks. I just voted.


My workaround is Zapier to connect to Cronofy, and Cronofy to google cal. It updates every 5 mins and I can live with it.


A Neatly working Google calendar integration is essential for us. it cost so much time to update the Google calandar by hand… this is a potential dealbreaker.


I just got my whole team to start using Asana, but the lack of real-time synchronicity (and, frankly, the lack of true calendaring functionality) is interfering with organizational adoption. We use a combination of Google Calendar and iCal. We’d prefer our calendar live in Asana and synchronize with the others. I won’t be able to justify the subscription cost much longer.


It is very necessary two-way integration with the Google calendar!


@Alexis it seems you’ve linked @Zr234Ad comment regarding the ability to sync the “Team Calendar”. I hope that my vote for better syncing in this thread includes this much-needed sync feature!


Surprised that there aren’t more votes for Google 2-Way live sync… (mashes vote button).


I’m trying to find a great task management tool for a general construction company that’s not quite ready for the major systems and Asana was the answer until I realized how slow this integration is. I don’t think a daily or even twice a day update will work for this team based on the number of changes they have to make on the fly.

I noticed that other integrations are structured as “login and give app permission” to edit calendars. The Asana integration is just a URL link on the Google Calendar (even thought I can log in with my Google account). I’m really struggling to understand how this is on Google since you’ve already got the Login API in place - wouldn’t true calendar syncing just be a function of having a Google account? And if so, is it just that Google hasn’t approved your platform’s API use on this level, which again makes me think the issue is with Asana?

This is frustrating because we were so close to running with it. If this was an immediate sync, even one-way, I’d be able to launch. Perhaps it’s just the smaller businesses that rely on this feature, so the main business segment demands win out on the product roadmap priority list. It’s fun to speculate, but it really is difficult to balance priorities. Just adding my voice and vote to the issue!


Hi Alexis,

Another major limitation to ASANA google calendar integration (or all calendar integrations) is that the times assigned to tasks don’t show up in google cal. I’m surprised that ASANA even advertises calendar synching when it actually isn’t a full integration at all and makes a mess of scheduling having all the tasks show up as all day items. It’s impossible for my team to integrate to ASANA without this. :frowning:


It honestly doesn’t surprise me to see such a lively discussion about this, as the issue which has been brought up here is also my only Asana pet peeve.

Asana really is a great product, but the Google Calendar integration is way behind compared to current standards.


I know it has been beaten into the heads of product support as I’ve read this thread (and now voted)… but I was stunned when I tried to sync to google calendar only to read that it doesn’t work in Asana both ways and in relatively timely manner. Shocking frankly.

I’ve “solved” the problem by opening a window to my google calendar on my second monitor on the same OS X space as asana. I can at least see what meetings I have now!


the new KIN calendar system could hopefully help us asana fans. Please upvote asana integration on their public roadmap… .


I also need a proper 2-way sync with Google Calendar in Asana. I’m a current customer, and the current integration is a pain in the ass because it forces me to update things on two different places.

Please, fix this! Lots of other apps have solved this issue, so I don’t get why you insist that “this is an issue on Google’s end”.

Just contact another company that has implemented this correctly and ask them how they did it :slight_smile:



I’ve also missed this.