Real time, two ways Calendar integration


If it helps to grasp the priority of this issue better, I’d hereby like to also state that this feature is very crucial for us! #sorrytoolazytosearchforimagesofpitchforks


This question has actually been up for discussion on other places on the internet before.
I am actually pretty surprised this has not been solved.
I agree with every user above and bellw, and from have been using Asana a lot today i’m… hardly ever there.
I used to “force” people in by inviting them and most people liked it – until it wasn’t able to integrate wit ANY calendar – not only google (that I personally use).
Other calendars can sync fine between them and other calendars – and both ways.

I used to use Sunrise to be able to sync both ways between three calendars: asana, google cal and ical. No problem – until microsoft shut it down. Since then I have not been able to sync – and therefore only use it to write todolists for myself some days when i want a nice and smooth checklist. But when i need to sync with other people… it’s not Asana as much as it used to be.

It’s really strange this is not a really, really big priority at Asana… but not strange at all that Microsoft bought Sunrise. They got some power stuff for that money!


Please improve integration with GCal this is a big hurdle for us to overcome scheduling task.


I am waiting for this functionality before upgrade the account! It is not so easy to justify a pay for an upgrade if we have a lack of funcionality with calendars (the two-side integration and different platforms, not only google), because if we want to use Asana, we have to eliminate our google and outlook apps!!!


Real-time 2-way sync is currently possible with Google Calendar… and I also agree its critical
Other apps have it:


I have been using asana for at least 6 years and was going to get my whole team on the platform as well.
There are 2 issues that has made us move to Nozbe instead

  1. Google calendar sync
  • We also like being to set dates for the tasks and length of task and having that sync w google
  1. Offline syn in the app

We believe in the platform and hope these issues get resolved because we moved from asana which we have loved and depended on for years to another platform.

Team calender -> Google Calendar sync

I too would love Asana to have a good decent two way integration with google calendar. I hope you guys could do it sooner :slight_smile:


Please Asana Team, let us sync with googel calendar or get notifications at time, please if not other app we have to sync…


I echo others requests here. Having a real time, two way google calendar integration seems fairly essential to basic functionality these days for project management platforms. Can we get a time line about when this might be implemented? My current team really needs this and is beginning to look at other options, which sucks because we love Asana.


I thought I would also echo others requests here. Having a real time, two way google calendar + , do not ferget, OUTLOOK integration is essential. I have an existing team ready to migrate currently using Outlook calendars to manage milestones. If this existed it would be a real plus for a wider team integration.


This feature is so essential - really interested in seeing this for Asana!


Hey @moderators, is there a way to move this or merge it to the Product Feedback thread so people can vote on it?


Well said @Caisha. We’ve been waiting for that!


I don’t get it how Sunrise made it so I got Asana in to work perfectly in a 2-way sync.
if they could, why can’t anybody else?


Same here. I have tried so many tools until I found Asana. Before that I used TodoIst, which allows for 2-way integration. For the rest, I prefer Asana mucho more. I’m planning to go pro and use Asana for project management in my company, to get the best of the dashboard. But without a real 2-way Google Calendar integration, I won’t.
If you can make this, you’ll get many more users, for sure.


Yes, I more person agrees: real time integration is a deal breaker. Could I please hear where folks are going to get this functionality? (what programs)
Thank you,


It’s a real deal breaker. I used Sunrise, until it was removed from the App Store. :frowning:


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Please add a button to sync the “Team Calendar” (which has ALL the tasks from ALL the projects on our Team/Workspace) to Google Calendar.

I know you can do this per project, but that gets unwieldy with a dozen projects going on (I don’t want to create a dozen google calendars).

IE, I would like to be able to see all of my team’s Asana business in one Google Calendar.


Agreed. My boss (and the rest of our team) loves the UI and how user friendly Asana is. Efficiency is the name of my boss’s game, so he’s not too happy about having to sync each project. Please take this into consideration for a future update :slight_smile: