Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Delaina: did you ever get a response to this? I also use BusyCal and haven’t figured out a way to sync my to dos into or out of Asana.

Nope. I eventually just went all-in on Asana and live in the My Tasks - Calendar view all day long, with BusyCal next to it to view my availability.

We have made an integration between Asana and Google Calendar with Zapier, where tasks show as events in the calendar with proper times.

Wow. I’m shocked that Asana lacks basic calendar sync functionality.

What’s the point of anything else Asana is capable of doing, if deadlines don’t automatically appear in my Google calendar?

The ‘paste this URL’ solution is so backward, cheap, and hacky that it’s almost more of an insult than just saying, ‘Yep, we haven’t bothered to add a calendar sync function’.

Pipedrive is a CRM and it’s got PROPER two-way calendar sync.

So right now, Pipedrive is a BETTER project management solution for me than Asana!


BTW I don’t want ‘per project’ calendar sync.

You can safely assume I want EVERY deadline and activity STRAIGHT into my Google calendar.

Every time.

If it’s not in my Google Calendar, it’s useless to me.