Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Delaina: did you ever get a response to this? I also use BusyCal and haven’t figured out a way to sync my to dos into or out of Asana.

Nope. I eventually just went all-in on Asana and live in the My Tasks - Calendar view all day long, with BusyCal next to it to view my availability.

We have made an integration between Asana and Google Calendar with Zapier, where tasks show as events in the calendar with proper times.

Wow. I’m shocked that Asana lacks basic calendar sync functionality.

What’s the point of anything else Asana is capable of doing, if deadlines don’t automatically appear in my Google calendar?

The ‘paste this URL’ solution is so backward, cheap, and hacky that it’s almost more of an insult than just saying, ‘Yep, we haven’t bothered to add a calendar sync function’.

Pipedrive is a CRM and it’s got PROPER two-way calendar sync.

So right now, Pipedrive is a BETTER project management solution for me than Asana!


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BTW I don’t want ‘per project’ calendar sync.

You can safely assume I want EVERY deadline and activity STRAIGHT into my Google calendar.

Every time.

If it’s not in my Google Calendar, it’s useless to me.

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Hi. I’m trying to set up zzBots on my asana mobile iOS app and Mac, but the set up does not take.

Also I use my gmail google calendar in iCal - is this the conflict?

Hi @nyprosell,
Using Gmail in your iCal should not cause any conflicts.

Which calendar are you wanting to sync Asana with?

This earlier post has links to set up this sync with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Apple iCloud Calendar.

If you do need help getting it set up, you can chat with support on our website, or email us at

Thx Orin I will try that and let you know.

Luckily for me, not having the Asana calendar with task times to sync is not too big of a deal for me because I get daily Asana reminders of what’s going on. [Plus I think you have to have the Premium plan in order to see specific times, and Asana will not let me just buy ONE premium plan which is a huge issue for me in itself. If anyone want to go in halves with me for a premium plan, let me know]

The Asana events show up as an all day red highlighted on my iCal (with a gmail calendar within iCal). But I surely understand everyone’s frustrations when it is important, and it could be important for me eventually.

@Maggie_Reddi - is your GSuite app deployed yet? I’m unable to locate it in the Calendar add-ons.

Looks promising!

Hi @JP_c. We are getting very close. We have some folks that are validating that the tool is working for them at the moment. Google is also going through our tool and provide some final approvals before listing it publicly. It should be released very shortly publicly.

Here is a quick video showing some functionality instead of the screenshots. The video is best viewed full screen so you can see what is going on. I have the calendar on the right, and the corresponding Asana task on the left so you can see the interaction between the two real-time.


Make that 3 interested. Where can I download?

@Kevin_Wathey, you can find out more about our products here: You can register for a free trial and get the calendar synchronization going.

Sorry, but I can’t believe this topic is almost 4 years old and you STILL have not managed to implement such a requested feature. :persevere: