Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Is there a way to email an Outlook calendar appointment to Asana? When I try to do this the due date/time is not included in the task.

Hi @Kyra_Paul-Fowler, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Currently, Calendar sync is one-way. This means it is not yet possible for Outlook events to show in Asana.

We have a very popular thread in the #productfeedback category requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this to keep all feedback consolidated.

I’ll loop back in should we have any updates! :slight_smile:

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Are there any moves to put this in place? I’ve been gradually migrating projects and business processes in to Asana for the last couple of weeks and have been really pleased with it. Have just started building all of our scheduled live jobs in to a calendar and a little bit stunned to find the Google Calendar integration so lacking. Was looking at moving to a paid plan but this is a pretty critical workflow and time management feature for me. Even making one way sync from Asana to Google work faster would make a big difference.


Asana? 454 votes and 4 years wait? What’s the go? Why no 2 way sync?

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Clickup manages two-way live syncing. Trying to lay the blame at Google’s end seems…inaccurate? Definitely unsatisfying. 4 years running, and this has gone no where?

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath,

Me and my team (6) are now scouting for a project management tool, to replace trello, so we have been testing a few apps and watching lots of youtube tutorials, etc…

One major point for us is to be able to have a proper integration with our Google Workspace apps, where Google Calendar is included and has a major roll in our workflow…

We all have several calendars synced between the team, so it’s imperative for us to have a way and place where we can all see the company editorial calendar (with specific occurring hours) together with the other calendars that each one has to avoid overlapping.

We still have not decided if we will go with ASANA, so we are not yet a paying team, but to know that Asana in 2021 has not yet addressed an integration with such an important app and widely used like Google calendar, makes me wandering the tons of other less known but still very important integrations and proper syncs that are also not available.

Hope that you don’t get offended for my first interaction in this forum, but it seems that Asana team doesn’t read or worst doesn’t care about the requests and needs of their users.

This post has 4 years, so anything besides knowing that the Dev team has this already schedule to be done in x couple of weeks/months doesn’t make any sense.

Regards and have a great day,
Pedro Tavares

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Ciao @fabiio

I’m back again for my monthly check in so thought I’d say hi… Still no two-way google calendar sync @asana. :man_facepalming:

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