Real time, two ways Calendar integration


And you are hiring a lot. Is “two way sync” anywhere on the road map, yet?


I’m starting to find Asana is becoming more important in my ToDo list management, but there’s one feature I’ve always been on the lookout for, which is 2-way calendar scheduling and sync.

Having Asana tasks appear in my native calendar via ICS for a given day via is quite useful - I can see that I don’t have too many in one day, and I can see them alongside my appointments. However - I still have to make the mental leap of “OK, I’ll do that report in the morning between the meeting with Alice and the meeting with Bob, and the second task I’ll do after lunch before my 3pm”.

Why not just let me drag/drop that ToDo onto my calendar into the slot between Alice and Bob, and then be able to see it right there, in my calendar? Why do I still need to make that mental note and remember to do it? I could create a calendar appointment to block that time out ,but doesn’t having a ToDo manager mean that it should do that for me?

For some reason, almost every todo app defaults to this view, showing tasks as an “all day event” but none allow you to actually schedule tasks into timeslots.

What I’d like to do, is to be able to schedule tasks into a day, and then when it comes to that morning, be able to view my calendar (my iOS native calendar, which contains my work calendar, personal calendar, joint family calendar, etc), and drag/drop the tasks from the ‘all day’ position into the specific slots on my day, and size them to fit.

Of course, if I overrun, or have to move a task out, I can drag it to another slot/day, and Asana should update its own Due Date on the task. That would then appear in Asana itself, and in any other integrations/etc that my team can also see (eg. the delayed task would push the whole project out in Instagantt).

Most ToDo apps can show the task in the ‘all day’ slot on my native calendar. A few (eg. ToDoist) can show it in a specific timeslot, but is only 1-way sync, from the ToDo app to the calendar. The only one I’ve found to date that allows 2-way sync in the native calendar - eg. allows me to drag the task in my iOS calendar, and it pushes the reschedule back to the ToDo app - is GTasks. I love that concept, but the rest of the tool is quite light.

It would be great to have this feature - to be able to sync it to my native iOS calendar, have it in a specific timeslot, and then be able to drag/drop these appointments in the calendar and have them move their start/end date/time accordingly in Asana.


I work a lot from my mobile phone, so it would be super handy if I could add things to Asana straight from my Google Calendar app. At present, Asana’s lack of a two-way calendar sync can create some discrepancies in my workflow.

Jira can be a little overly-technical for my team, but they’ve set up a pretty awesome 2-way calendar sync. I’m also looking at ClickUp, which seems a bit more user-friendly and allows you to sync as many Google Calendars to your account as you’d like.

I really do like Asana’s UI, but it’s hard to persuade my team to fully commit without this feature :neutral_face:


Please take a look at our integration. It will handle real-time synchronization with GCal, and also allow you to move items around on the calendar and update Due Dates in Asana.

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We also would use Asana much more widely if it had this feature.

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I second this request. It would be a huge boost to productivity to have two way google calendar sync with Asana.


I’ve found a third party app that fills this gap for now. I’m not affiliated with it other than having used it and finding that it seems to do the job.

It’s called Project Buddy, and it basically does this sync. I used it recently for a house move, and I could schedule the tasks in Asana, see them appear in iCal from my google calendar, and then move the appointments around in iCal.

It seems fairly new, so not sure how long they’ll be around, but for now it works fine. They gave me a one month trial and now they’re charging $2.50/mo for continuing, which is reasonable for the value it provides.

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Hi all,
I apologize that it’s taken me a few days to get back to you and do appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. We definitely recognize that there are improvements to be made to our current calendar sync functionality, and I appreciate the examples you’ve given to help me understand how you’re using Asana and what you’d like to update. I’ve shared this feedback and your examples with our engineering and integrations teams and will share with this thread as soon as I have an update here.

While I unfortunately don’t have a timeline to share of when this will be available, I do want you to know how much we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us to help us better fit your needs. it!

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This does not sound very encouraging…


Critical topic for us as well. Trying to bring my team on board, but seamless and frequent google calendar integration is a real barrier.

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This is still one of the features that I would most like to see added to Asana! My team uses Asana for time reporting, and it is very inefficient to manually add/update each meeting of the day as a task in Asana as changes occur.


Hi @asana. It’s been a long time. You could try a bit harder and at least try adding this option to paid plans. Maybe then I would consider switching. Thanks


I fear this feature is not going to happen…

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I found myself needing to spec out a complex task in Asana, with the need for in-line hyperlinks to keep things neat.

Believing such a basic thing would exist, I did a quick Google bringing me to [this](Ability to insert hyperlinks request) and in turn another requesting markdown support.

Given the relative simplicity of adding in-line hyperlinks, I’m now more confident we won’t see anything as useful as proper calendar sync added any time soon.


Hi Marie,

Have there been any updates? I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Asana and the two-way sync with Google Calendar will be extremely useful for my workflow, right now I’m trying to make do with Zapier integrations but it’s kinda clunky.


I’d like to sync my Outlook Calendar TO Asana, rather than vice versa - basically it would be good to have my meetings appear in my Asana so I could create follow up tasks etc. and so I have a complete view of my day.

Is this possible?


Hi @ria.blagburn and welcome to the Forum!

No this is unfortunately not possible at the moment, but this is defintietly a popular request in the Forum and something on our radar. Since we already have an existing thread on this topic, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread to gather all feedback in one place; hope that’s ok!


They are not even trying to correct the issue. Just admit it. Don’t keep everyone hanging on to a hope of a solution within Asana and just tell them your team is not interested in fixing the issue, as you have indirectly made clear. And advise them to use a better app that does integrate with the team’s calendars or just pay the 3rd parties that Maggi has been promoting!


The problem is, it’s not just a popular request, it’s the tenth most popular based on votes.

Looking through all of the top ten requests ( ) every single one of them was raised in March, April or June of 2017.

No SaaS platform can implement all features, I get it. It’s just not possible. But be transparent as @Kimberly_Powell says, there’s only so far ‘holding pattern’ responses can go and we’re way past that point.

To be clear (if I haven’t been already) I’m not taking this out on you directly, It’s deeply frustrating being tied to a system with the knowledge that there are other options that have provided these features for years.

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I got so fed up waiting for this I muted the notifications, but @Marie I am still somehow getting emails when anyone comments. My understanding is once muted that shouldn’t happen