Real time, two ways Calendar integration


Take a look at Reddi Apps from @Maggie_Reddi . Her team took my input for what we needed and rapidly built a solution for bi-way Asana/Gcal integration that served our needs. They were really responsive and open to input. Wish I could say the same for Asana.


I really miss Sunrise Calendar that had proper 2-way syncing up until Microsoft bought them and closed down the app.
Does anyone know of a good desktop and/or mobile app that supports 2-way syncing between Asana & Google Calendar?


@Hans_Rippel Check out Real time, two way Calendar integration


@Seth Thank you for that suggestion. The one part that rubs me the wrong way is the price, especially when I compared the value (utility/price) of Asana to third party tools. Then I’d prefer paying Asana more rather than paying other more than Asana themselves who provide most of the utility.


@Mike_Langellier Yes fantastic integration here by @Maggie_Reddi . Works flawlessly and very reasonably priced.

Outlook Calendar & Asana

This is 100% necessary. Please make this happen.


I found a google apps script that says it will update an ics calendar every x minutes… maybe take a look at this? I am going to try it soon…


Just signed up for Project Buddy. More money for @Maggie_Reddi. Asana team, do you hear us yet?


We hear you @James_Salerno and rest ensured that I’m keeping a close eye on this thread. I don’t have any update to share at the moment, but will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have any!


This would be a great feature to roll out and makes it easier to recommend Asana to clients. In the meantime Reddiapps will just keep earning a little extra from me each month. That solution works great and @Maggie_Reddi is great with customer support when needed


Hi david, did you have a chance to test the script? Does it work?


haven’t had time to try it yet… anyone else try it?


This is a promising 2 way intgration sync less clumsy than zapier. Giving it a shot!!!

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This does not sync tasks with no project, which makes it unuseful for “my tasks”. Unless a dummy project is used for “my tasks”


We were just beginning the process of additional onboarding with our organization members to Asana, when I just discovered this issue today. We love Asana in so many ways, but I’d like to see some important basic feature requests resolved, not just talked about in a forum. Asana shouldn’t use the word “sync” with this feature until it can do it in real time. I’ve also been using ToDoist for several years and love it still. No problem with real syncing ToDoist syncing with Google. Between this calendar syncing issue and no hyperlinks, I’m confused about Asana’s development team priorities. These are two basic features offered everywhere else in modern digital life. Please help us understand what is taking so long, @Alexis? I’m pretty stunned that this feed has been going on since March, 2017. The lack of these two features makes Asana seem almost old-fashioned. I’m the one driving this product at our organization but will have trouble progressing with this product further without some action from Asana very soon.


Dear asana Product team any update on this features?


This just makes me have to add every appointment I have twice - once in Asana and once in Apple calendar. If the meeting is rescheduled - I have to reschedule it twice. This just makes me annoyed about Asana, everyday a little bit more. I love the product, but I will only become a paying member of the platform if the team starts to show better feature request response.


Bumping this an additional time – I’ve been following this issue for past two years and still nothing has been done on it. I would image a significant percentage of Asana’s userbase links their Asana projects to Google Calendar.


We need this also; it’s been more than a year since this thread started. And other apps can do it… what is the deal?


any updates.
Since you keeping a close eye on this thread, has everybody asking for the functionality voted?
Do you know if people using writing here uses asana more or less (or not at all) since they wrote “we need calendar sync”?

Would be interesting to know.