Real time, two ways Calendar integration


@Alexis Any news on this? Thanks


Very sad that Google Calendar is not updated more often. I need the ability to schedule tasks in google throughout the day and will therefore search for an other solution instead of Asana.


Agree with all the votes. Would make the Asana use much easier.


@Alexis do you know if ASANA planned something about this really important feature?


@Alexis Indeed we have the same question again on our side. Is there any plan to fix it or any way to push for it ? If not we will migrate to Clickup or other similar tool.


Hi everyone and thanks for continuing to share your feedback with us. I do not have an update to share just now, but I wanted to let you know that we’re monitoring this thread closely, and I will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!


Hi all! It looks like has achieved instant calendar sync with their application, so it is possible. The calendar event updates immediately. Inside the google calendar entry it says, “This event was automatically created from an email.” if that’s helpful.


I too am frustrated by the simplistic and inflexible manner that Asana and Google calendar integrate. And my needs are not nearly as complex as other posters. All I want is 1) for the time to accompany the sync and 2) to sync an entire team not just a project.

I have tried to work around these issues with Zapier (as you suggest) and here again there is not a trigger for an added task within a Team, only within a Project. It is useless for me to create a script for each new project as each project is a separate Clients job


Since May 2017 till now…
When will the solution be launched?


Clickup is getting more and more our attention… How can such an important issue cannot be solved. I’m still in free modus because of that. Clickup knows it: you can even migrate your project from Asana directly.


FYI: adding tasks from email (Gmail only for now, Inbox and Outlook to follow soon) has just been released by ClickUp earlier this week. You can use the Chrome-extension for this feature.


@Marie will changes happen soon? It looks like real time sync has been asked for for more than a year and others have managed to solve this. We really like asana and it would be great to work with it in the future but this is a big minus for us too.


How. Very. Frustrating.
Unbelievable that this is not a priority for Asana.
Almost 18 months and still no answer as to if/when this is coming.
Even the existing one-way sync is beyond useless -
“The initial sync to your calendar should be instant, but subsequent syncs may take up to a day” - What?!
Such a pity.


Really can’t emphasize enough how useful this feature would be. Asana, please give us an update!


Hi @Dorothea_Reusser and thanks for the mention. I’m aware this is a popular request; in fact I have recently add it to a “Voice of Customer” report I put together ahead of our Roadmap week. I’m afraid I don’t have any updates to share at the moment, but I will make sure to keep you updated as soon as I hear something!


I just wanted to add my voice to this again. I still can’t believe this hasn’t been given a much higher priority. It’s not a “nice to have”, it’s an essential part of the interoperability of this type of system.


Oh no what a bummer that this is not only one way but once a day. Im so sad. I thought I had just hit on an amazing productivity zen zone creator by hooking these together.

Please fix this team asana - don’t let our calendars suffer from poor out of date data.


Throwing my hat in the ring here, would love to have the ability to see my Outlook calendar meetings inside asana for the purposes of capacity assessment. Right now I have to create each meeting as a separate asana task just so my project manager is aware of whats going on.

Would also be great if it was customizable so that all my asana tasks don’t show up in Outlook as meetings. I consider all meetings to be “tasks”, but I don’t consider all tasks to be “meetings”.

Others may wish to see everything in both locations though so please develop it with that ability, just let me pick and choose how I want it to work. :slight_smile:


And today I get an email announcing “Asana calendar is now faster and more customizable”
Not a word about an improved Google Calendar sync.
What a joke.


Like others, I’ve abandoned Asana due to the GCal synch issue. The reality is too much of my life lives in the google world.

My gut tells me that Asana’s vision is for everyone to live within their app/world. I suspect that is the case within the Asana org. It works great when everyone is functioning within the same environment. (Similarity, I suspect Microsoft employees all work within the Office environment.) Not the reality in my work world.

I think Asana needs to put a stake in the ground and either state they’re essentially a walled application where you play in their space only or truly open themselves up where numerous players plug into their great tools and platform.

Right now it seems like they’re sitting on the fence and leaving us wannabe users/supporters hanging. (My two cents.)