Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Clickup manages two-way live syncing. Trying to lay the blame at Google’s end seems…inaccurate? Definitely unsatisfying. 4 years running, and this has gone no where?


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath,

Me and my team (6) are now scouting for a project management tool, to replace trello, so we have been testing a few apps and watching lots of youtube tutorials, etc…

One major point for us is to be able to have a proper integration with our Google Workspace apps, where Google Calendar is included and has a major roll in our workflow…

We all have several calendars synced between the team, so it’s imperative for us to have a way and place where we can all see the company editorial calendar (with specific occurring hours) together with the other calendars that each one has to avoid overlapping.

We still have not decided if we will go with ASANA, so we are not yet a paying team, but to know that Asana in 2021 has not yet addressed an integration with such an important app and widely used like Google calendar, makes me wandering the tons of other less known but still very important integrations and proper syncs that are also not available.

Hope that you don’t get offended for my first interaction in this forum, but it seems that Asana team doesn’t read or worst doesn’t care about the requests and needs of their users.

This post has 4 years, so anything besides knowing that the Dev team has this already schedule to be done in x couple of weeks/months doesn’t make any sense.

Regards and have a great day,
Pedro Tavares


Ciao @fabiio

I’m back again for my monthly check in so thought I’d say hi… Still no two-way google calendar sync @asana. :man_facepalming:


I would like to be able to sync my Outlook calendar so whenever I create new event, it shows up in my project timeline.

We currently create one project for all work and each project gets created as a task. When our project planners are looking to allocate work, they only look in Asana as opposed to checking our Outlook calendars too - so we look pretty free. I would like to be able to sync my calendar so that it shows up in the project timeline and is assigned to me.

Is this possible?



Hi @Chris_Sowiak, thanks for providing this feedback.

While this isn’t currently possible, it is a popular feature request. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing thread in the #productfeedback category to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you updated in the main thread if our Product team implements this feature :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!!

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Same response for almost 5 years now. /shrug

Is there an ETA for this functionality yet?

Hi, I am using the Outlook Asana integration to send emails to Asana, but would it be possible to send events (meetings) to Asana with that addin? (or by any other method?)


Hi @Patrick.EMIN, great question! As it stands, our calendar integration only syncs one way (Asana → Outlook).

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing thread in the #productfeedback category requesting this feature. Hopefully this is something our Product team and introduce in the future! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Searching for a better project management, time tracking, and billing integration platform. Checking in again on Asana and various other providers. I have reinstalled and tested Asana again and it still does not have real-time 2-way sync with Google Calendar. I am really surprised this has gone on for years. Passing on Asana.


Adding my vote here. managing multiple project on multiple calendars is extremely difficult with Asana because in Timeline view you cannot see other projects overlapping…also when adjusting the left column to see the full name of the sections, you cant. it cuts it off and hovering over the name of the section doesn’t work either. This is broken and needs to be fixed.


Adding my vote for this feature. Pretty disappointing a v2 was teased four years ago. Using Asana has proven to be a never ending list of to dos just to do the basics in our small business. We simply don’t have the resources to manage so many different tools. 2 way sync is critical. We invest in sophisticated software to make our work easier, but that just doesn’t seem to panning out with Asana. Looking for alternatives at this point.


ClickUp has really been great for what I need in this regard.

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Hi everyone,
At zzBots, we just released the feature to 2-Way Sync tasks with the start & end dates/times between Asana and Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. This feature is only available for Asana Premium, Business, and Enterprise users.

You can install one or both of these new syncs below:

Asana Premium / Google Calendar | 2-Way Sync

Asana Premium / Microsoft Outlook Calendar | 2-Way Sync

You can find and install the original 2-Way Sync between Asana and Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar here.

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Hi! I followed instructions on how to integrate Asana with Google Calendar. I am able to see my tasks in my Google Calendars, but not the reverse. None of my calendar meetings show up in “my tasks” on Asana which is a huge let down for a paying subscriber. What is your timeline for getting real time, two ways calendar integration?

A few points that I hope you may find helpful:

  1. Are "My Tasks" and Google Calendar sync features broken? - #6 by Sam_Friedman1 (My answer: Yes)

  2. Asana has a policy of never giving a lookahead as to which features they will be addressing

  3. If you are reliably getting your Asana tasks to all show up in your Google calendar and update within a reasonable time (< 1 day), you are way ahead of most users as to results on this feature

Time/calendar blocking is one of the most powerful productivity tools. Asana can suffer from being a “limitless to-do list”.

To do time blocking, I find myself switching back and forth between asana and my calendar app.

Are there any plans for integrating time/calendar blocking functionality inside asana?

Hello @Pascal_van_Opzeeland and welcome to the forum :wave:

You might want to upvote the 2 way google syncing feature request here: Real time, two ways Calendar integration

There are some workarounds mentioned as well such as this one.

Something that I wanted to point out that I realized the other day, is that there is a similar thread request that has almost as many votes. This thread is about getting the functionality that almost all calendars have now, doing things like the third Monday of the month. Which if there was a real time, two way calendar integration, we would get as a symptom of that.

Now, I do realize these are different requests. If fact, I do actually personally just prefer if I could get the functionality without having to think of another app I need to be on or integrate. Although in the space I work in, non-profit, most people are actually more used to just using a third party application like google calendar. So really, it’s probably a little more functional, at least for me, to just have the two way integration.

However, my point is, this request is almost as highly voted at this one. Together, their request size is 900+ points, making it the second most requested functionality under being able to assign a task to multiple people. I only say this because at this point, if Asana could just do this, everything else would just be icing. Don’t get me wrong, always stay improving, but this is -at least to me- the only sore spot that when I want to talk about Asana or pitch to others, I hesitate because I know they’re going to get to that and wince. So I guess this is kind of something I wanted to bring up as just further argument to get SOME functionality that’s addressing the lacking calendar functionality in Asana. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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