Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Asana never gives timeline or share their roadmap. And the date of the first request is probably not also taken into account, rather the cost versus benefit to the entire user base (FYI I don’t work at Asana, jut my personal point of view)

@Maggie_Reddi - Maggie is awesome and is from Project Buddy. She’ll probably be the best person to help.

@Michael_Johnson1 - also, she responded to another user here with the support email. Here’s her answer:

I am aware of this, however my request is that this is reconsidered, because it is important for bigger (and therefore slower) organisations to plan the development of their processes further down the road

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Has anybody been able to perform a two-way sync with the native integration? I’ve tried Zapier. I figured out that it’s not possible. Any other solution?

I’ve just looked all over the asana forums and help pages. It turns out there is no way a 2-way sync is possible. However, I found one tool called which has a creative workaround. Their support team helped me out with it. I have another call with them in sometime. I’ll tell you the whole process after that.

Meanwhile, you can give this a try -

As I mentioned in a comment on this thread in August of 2019, zzBots can be used to fully 2-way sync between Asana and Google Calendar.

You can now install this as a bot pack in the Bot Store in zzBots
Install it here:

Here is a video of how to install it:

It is our goal to make this 2-Way Sync as convenient as possible. We just recently released this 2-Way Sync as a bot pack that can be installed in the bot store.

Hi Orin,

Do you have a document detailing this, it is difficult to follow on the you tube version. Also, I am not seeing the same options you are when completing the process. I have no SyncID option, just Sync with ID?


Hi @Ray_O_Halloran,
The “Sync with ID” is the correct value to use. This was changed after the video was released. Otherwise, if you follow the steps in the video, it should work correctly for you.

We are planning to release a new video when the faster and simpler sync is available.

Hi folks, we have a quick 4 step wizard to get your calendar synchronized.

  1. All projects or select a specific project.
  2. All tasks or just tasks assigned to you.
  3. Calendar settings like the name of the calendar.
  4. Straight synchronize or calendar blocking.

Here is a quick animation to step you through the process. You can get started here.


Every month I come to this post to check if the Asana team has finally solved this point. I’ve been doing this for years. :pensive:

That’s the only reason I haven’t migrated to Asana yet.

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The fact that this has not been resolved by Asana in the 2 years since this issue was flagged is bizarre. It’s clearly a HUGE pain for users. I am just testing out Asana with our team and its one of the 1st things I have looked to solved after our initial setup.

I need to be able to keep track of meetings, tasks and calls on my calendar and for changes to my tasks to be pushed back into Asana. This isn’t rocket science and is pretty common across all businesses.

Time to step up and deliver for your customers team Asana!


Maggie - Does this work with any calendar or just Google calendar?

Hi @Joe_Black1,
As an option for syncing to other calendars, you can use zzBots to fully 2-Way Sync between Asana and Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

I previously commented with details and a video about syncing with Google Calendar.
You can install that 2-Way Sync here:

You can install the Asana - Outlook Calendar 2-Way Sync here:

Install Walk Through Video:

You can install the Asana - Apple iCloud Calendar 2-Way Sync here:

Install Walk Through Video:

I hope this is helpful to you. We will soon be making updates for this install to be even easier.


@Orin_Hutchings When you say 2-way, does this mean if you set a task to be due today at a certain time, and then drag/change the time of that event that shows on gcal, will it update the time field asana?

@Jake_Kushner Yes, it will change the time both ways. If you change the time in Google Calendar, it will also change in Asana. It will sync all day events or specific times both ways.

After looking at this thread (not the first feature I am missing from Asana) I seriously doubted and checked weather Asana is still supported/developed. It is such an annoying half-solution that Asana tasks with specific due dates show up as all day events. Come on Asana team, pls!

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To others looking for this, I just want to shout out to @Orin_Hutchings and ZZBots which has pretty much perfect 2 way asana <-> google calendar sync. Set it and forget it, this thing works perfectly. You can even have a link to the asana task in your calendar event, and when you move the calendar event for the task to later in the day, the due time can be updated in Asana. Pretty awesome if you want to “time block” your work for the day.
(No, I’m not paid in any way to post this review!)


Thanks Orin. I’ll take a look.

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We agree. We cannot use Asana as a company, without integration. The entire company uses google platform and integration is essential.

I’m looking for a Project Management Tool AND an Appointment Calendar Scheduling Tool (like Acuity Scheduling) built into one.

I’m have a time researching the best PMT for my boss, but if I could find a PMT AND Scheduler in one, that would be the dream.

I see a lot of good things about Asana, but not to have it intergrade with my iCal and my bosses iCal, is an issue.

If I’m missing something please advise, I’m trying to collaborate with others with my challenge. I have reached out to Capterra and awaiting their response.