Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Hey Everyone!
I’m with zzBots. We are currently working on an integration that syncs Asana and Google Calendar together. It will sync both new and updated tasks both ways.

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It’s really a huge pain to don’t have the 2 ways sync calendar. As project managers we really need to monitor workload of each contributors.


Hi @Maggie_Reddi - I am trying to integrate google cal and asana vis project buddy and having issues. Could you please send me a note? Trying to get in touch with support but not having any luck! aemerson (at)

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The integration we have been working on at zzBots is now finished.

You can fully 2 way sync between Asana and Google Calendar with zzBots.
It is near real time (syncs every 2 minutes). The sync works both ways for New and Updated tasks or events.

Here is a step by step walk through video of how to create this sync between Asana and Google Calendar:

Let me know if you need any help getting it set up.



To use zzBots for this sync, you can go to


We are working to make this sync as easy and convenient to set up as possible.
With zzBots, you can now create this same 2 way sync, but with 2 bots instead of 4.

Here is a new step by step walk through video of how to set it up:


Hi Audrey. Sorry, I’ve been MIA from the forums, but I believe you’ve already been working with folks on our team to get your calendar needs addressed. Let me know if there is anything I can do at this point.

For anyone else that needs assistance with calendar setup, please do let me know or sign up for a free trial and we will reach out to you as well.

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you are not responding to emails, is your company dead? it works only in one of 4 cases.


FYI, although I enjoyed Asana, I quit this weekend because of this issue. I cannot believe something so simple could not be resolved in 2 years. I tried some workarounds like Zapier, but it was extremely buggy.

I moved over to Weekly Plan which has extremely user-friendly 2-way calendar integration and works like a charm.

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Same here. I went back to google calendar for may day to day work.

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Same here just signed up but this is a deal breaker, back to easier systems!

Blocked by Asana censorship.

Aidan, are you referring to weekplan dot net ?

It Works very well. Thanks for the solution.

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womp womp

Hi: followed the tutorial and it worked. Thanks a lot. :metal:

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Piling on. tap tap This is the Voice of the Customer speaking
Can you hear us?

I tried the sync, but it didn’t work. To be fair, instead of inputting the Workspace and Project Name, I input the Workspace and Assigned to (I wanted all my tasks, not just one project’s tasks to integrate).

zzbots is sending me this error on both bots: (on the Google “New Detailed Event”)

  • You need to have writer access to this calendar.

I’m not sure where where I went wrong because I’m using my own Google account of course.

Any advice?

This most likely does not have to do with how you set up the bots. Even if the bots are set up correctly, it will require that you have writer access, or the ability to edit the Google Calendar you are syncing with. This will be a setting in Google Calendar.

You may want to double check your Google Calendar settings to make sure that you have full access to the calendar that you are syncing with.

I hope this helpful in answering your question. If you have any more questions, or need help setting anything up, feel free to chat us on our website or email us at

Hi folks,

We have just released an update to our integration that allows you to control the duration of tasks in the calendar. This allows you to utilize our integration if you are using the time blocking strategy. You can then have tasks from Asana flow into your calendar, setup the duration and even move items around and it will update Asana.

We also have a time blocking setup available where the due dates in Asana will not be updated as long as there is no conflict. So if you have a task due on Friday morning, but you’re planning on being out of the office, you can place it on your calendar for Thursday morning instead. Asana will still show that the task is due on Friday, but your calendar will show that you are working on it on Thursday. If you have custom fields available, we can expose that information back into Asana as well in a custom field to show when the work is planned vs. due.

Below is a quick animation to show the integration in action. You can find out more here:

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Maggie, unfortunately the Product Procs sync updates in December to add the time blocking have broken the traditional sync that was working pretty well previously. Now tasks are shifted so they end at the ‘due time’ rather than that being the start time - which was great for slotting tasks for when they should be done during the day. Now the calendar and Asana appear out of sync.

Also, I’m now seeing recurring tasks that had a due time and default duration of an hour suddenly become 24 hour long tasks that end at the due time.

I appreciate you adding new features but they broke the only usable calendar sync option available for Asana. I really hope you can fix things or roll back the changes asap.