Random one off tasks for whole team?

What do people do for random assignments that everyone on the team needs to do?
For example: By next Friday everyone needs to turn in their ______.
How would I make this a task for everyone without recreating their task 8 times?

Hi @Libby_Crimmings it would probably depend on how important that task is… One option would be to add them as collaborators/collaborators to the task and then get them to comment that they have completed the task.

Otherwise you will have to create duplicate tasks or subtasks for each person.


There actually is a feature for this: creating copy of a task, and you can enter a team name to have everyone added.

Is it what you are looking for?


@Libby_Crimmings, I wrote a more detailed post on this very question, using the “assign copies” feature but not for the task–for subtasks for this purpose. So all the copies would be housed within a single task representing the group task, e.g., everyone turning in their work. See this: