Quick Collapse / Expand of teams and sections

On the desktop browser app of Asana, it would be amazing if one could quickly collapse all teams, especially if you have many of them.

In Photoshop, there is a trick where you can Control + Click the layer triangle (arrow) that quickly collapses all the Photoshop layers so that you have a clean view of where you are in the layers and it would be nice to have a feature like this in Asana where I can quickly collapse all teams and only the one I want open.

That is a good idea, Cmd+Click would be very cool, for sections as well!


Thanks for providing this feedback, @SixfootJames! I agree with @Bastien_Siebman, this would be pretty cool!

I’ll let you know if there are any updates regarding this :slight_smile: Hopefully this is something our Product team can look to implement in the future!


thank you and good idea @Bastien_Siebman

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Regarding Quick Collapse/Expand of Teams this is a good idea and more importantly a seemingly fundamental user interface feature that would be present in the Asana experience.

When looking through the forum it’s pretty easy to conclude that there is a lack of ongoing commitment to continue developing and supporting the Asana brand.

Is there any means whereby users – loyal customers – can be more conscientiously served? Way too often the history threads in the forum run for years without any concrete advances. If Asana is truly a production management tool it would seem to follow that there would be far more attentive service to the issues raised on the Forum.

Absolutely not, this is a bias based on the fact that the forum is mainly used for people to share what they need. No one from the millions happy users will come and post “everything is great, rainbows ad unicorns”.

Asana does NOT have to implement everything people ask. They implement a lot of new things, just not everything that’s being asked (for various reasons).

Note: I am not related to Asana, I am just an independant consultant

Bastien ─

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.

Your point is valid – when I go to McDonalds and get a cheeseburger – so long as I don’t get food poisoning and it satisfies my hunger at the moment – I don’t post about how happy I am. On the other hand, when I go to Chick Fila and they give me extra attention and their service offering is distinctively more sensitive to delivering a good dining experience the difference is noted because it satisfies the hunger of unexpressed needs or desires.

When you look at the forum and see the countless expressions of frustrations that remain unresolved over several years I believe the product is in a tattered state.

Case in point: our organization which is comprised of 5 companies has begun to assess the pros and cons of Click-Up. We’ve not reached a decision but the distinction that is showing up as noteworthy is the incredible attention and service we’ve received as we run down the list of concerns we have with Asana that we are hoping will be resolved if we make the move. And here is the rub: we’d prefer to not make the move. Just like a banking relationship – once things are set up and running smoothly it is preferrable to leave it alone and focus all your time and resources on the core of your business to make it more profitable and successful.

Asana opened a new vista for productivity and getting work done; the question is do they care enough to address the annoying inconveniences that make the user experience a frustration when it should put a smile on your face.

Bastien, you’re a good ambassador – you got back to me and I appreciate that. I hope that we can continue to grow with Asana and that the Forum becomes a record of resolved problems rather than a history of festering sores.


Thanks for your answer. As a French guy, the analogy with Chick Fila does not ring a bell :heart: :rofl: :grimacing: