Questions about the mobile app updates


I’ve been a huge fan of Asana since April. The latest mobile app updates have unfortunately been very frustrating. I shared this feedback on a post about the mobile update but I’m wondering if my feedback was deleted? I’ll try again. In the updated mobile app:

  • I can no longer bulk update date or section, and this has honestly been very frustrating and has really diminished the functionality and experience of the mobile app for me. This is a feature I normally used every day, prior to the update.

  • Are there any quick deleting options when swiping? I miss this feature as well.

  • If I want to look back at completed tasks from that day, I cannot find an easy way to view those from the mobile app. They are easy to view on the desktop/computer app, but not mobile at this point. When I view the completed tasks in the mobile app, it starts all the way back multiple months ago when I started using Asana, and I don’t see a way to reverse the order to be able to view the most recent completed tasks in the mobile app.

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Hi @Laura_A2000, and thanks for your post. :wave:

I mostly agree with you, I’m also a heavy user of the app, and I’m not always completely satisfied with the available features… while it makes sense that not 100% of what we can do on desktop (or web) are available on mobile.

I’ve moved your post to the proper category, where it has more chanced to be picked up by the Mobile Product Manager (or Team).

All the best with Asana :wink: