Project Completion Status on mobile

Hi Asana team! I’m excited - Complete Status for projects is activethe complete status was implemented. Thank you! That will help a lot.

I noticed that (1) it’s not showing on mobile app and - see screen shot (2) you can’t use this status on mobile app. Wanted to see if ya’ll are already aware of this?


This is actually pretty common situation; a feature gets released on desktop, and will follow on mobile a few days/weeks later. I’ll let Asana confirm this is not a bug.


Valid point! Hopefully it gets released soon as Bastien said. Until then, this gets my vote too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for flagging this, @Drew_Chin! As mentioned by Bastien, this feature hasn’t been released on mobile just yet.

I’ll keep you updated here and let you know once this is released :slight_smile: