Questions about Asana Goals Feature and Feedback


Since the Goals frarure has launched, I had been really aching to use it at my organization and use it for team as well as organization’s strategic goals.

Finally when I started using it, I have been highly disappointed with all the limitations of this feature and seems like has been launched as a half-baked product. Some severe limitations that led me go back to spreasheets for Goals are:

  1. No flexibility with addition of custom fields
  2. No way to adjust the columns on Goals homepgage (name, team, due date, etc.). Our Goals name are long and we can’t see the full goal names in one single view. So, it doesn’t help with presenting the goals to the team.
  3. The goal entered last comes on the top and again no way to move them around in the sequence. For instance - if I start from Goal 1, 2, 3…Goal 3 stays on top which is a frustating user experience.

I’m curious to learn how other users have so far adapted this feature into their workflows/teams. Any experiences you could share will be helpful. Thanks!!

Hi @Amisha_Choksey, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, we appreciate the details and will definitely keep it in mind as we continue working on Goals. The good news is that this is just the beginning for Goals and we have a long roadmap of exciting updates on the horizon.

  1. As it stands, it’s currently not possible to add custom fields to Goals. You can add a progress metric for your Goal and this metric will be the same as a numeric Custom Fields. You can find more information about Goals in this article.

  2. We still don’t have a thread related to this request, since we always try to keep one request per thread. I encourage you to create a separate request for the option to adjust the column width in Goals! This will allow other users to upvote for this feature as well.

  3. We have a thread in our #productfeedback category for this request, I suggest you to upvote here: Allow to manually re-order goals

I hope this helps!