Allow to manually re-order goals

I just created our teams OKRs with the new Goals feature in Asana and created the “O1: Objective 1” first, then “O2: Objective 2” and so on. As like with every other feature in Asana, the sorting of the tasks is wrong (just like it is when you add a new Task), meaning that “O3” which was added last is sorted at the top and so on. Unlike other features I can’t correct this though by manually moving the tasks the their right order.

So please:

  1. Add a way to manually order Goals and subgoals (same issue exists for them) via drag & drop
  2. Add a feature somewhere (e.g. in profile settings) to flip the default ordering for goals (and tasks).

Thank you in advance. I’m not expecting the default order bug to ever be fixed (you guys seem to just ignore this with the excuse that “it’s a feature” – but it’s not, it’s a bug), but at least make it manually sortable!

Hi @Cihat_Guenduez

I believe this is planned for the next update, but I’ll confirm here as soon as it is the case!


Hi Marie,
Just wondering if there is any news on this fix. There have been a couple of updates since your last post, but I still don’t see a way to manually reorder goals and sub-goals. I have been waiting to introduce the Asana goals functionality to one of my client organizations because this is a major headache. For example, If I create a list of subgoals by quarter, starting with Q1, Asana puts Q4 at the top of the list. I then have to delete them and start over. This forces the user to “think backwards” before creating any lists! That will create a lot of adoption friction and could be a deal killer. Thanks for any timing information you might be able to share!

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Hi @Paul_O_Malley,

We’ve more iterations on the way, I’ll share them soon in the Forum :slight_smile: