Question about where to hold single tasks from various projects that don't relate to a workflow

Hi there, following on from a previous thread…

I’ve now set up a workflow for my podcast and created a “Podcast” project.

I’ve also created various stages for the podcast such as “Idea”, “Scripting”, “Filming”, “Editing” etc.

For each episode I will create a task from my template tasks and move it to the various sections depending on which stage the episode is in.

My next question is:

I also have single action items for my podcast / show and I’m not sure where to put these? Does it make sense to create a separate section in the podcast project, or should I put these somewhere else?

And if I put them somewhere else, how would it be best to organise this?

Maybe I should create a “Business” project for all tasks like these?

Obviously I have a number of single tasks to do across various different projects, so I’m wondering how to best manage / organise these.

I feel that if I put these tasks in the podcast project then there will be extra sections that I do not need in my view and it will complicate things.


Perhaps each person you ask will give you a different answer to a question like this! And many of us have changed our answers over time and with increased experience in the use of Asana.

I like to keep things reasonably simple and easy to maintain, but still organized.

You already have a Podcasts project, so my recommendation would be to use that for your ad-hoc podcast-related tasks rather than putting them elsewhere.

I would be careful about making too many sections because of the way they work in Asana–you generally won’t want to delete sections, and they can’t be archived, so you want to keep them around because the tasks within them maintain their “membership” in the section as useful metadata, even if you mark those tasks complete. So I try only to make sections that I expect will be helpful to always be visible.

In many projects, I put misc., ad-hoc, actionable tasks at the top of the project list (List view is what I almost always use) not in any section at all. When you add a task to the project, it goes there at the top automatically; easy. When you mark it complete, it goes away (with an incomplete filter in place). Below are whatever sections you need for that particular project. And sometimes at the bottom of the project I add a “Reference” section for all non-actionable tasks that relate to this project that I like to keep around, if any.

You can take that with a grain of salt because, as I mentioned, everyone will have a different opinion. Mine is based on 1) twelve years of intensive Asana use for myself and many clients, and 2) a career that included a focus on Information Architecture.



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Thank you for this. One quick follow up question.

You said you add tasks to the top of the project without them using any section at all. How do you do that?

I added a task to a project and it added it to a section. I then dragged the task to the top and it seems to have created an “Untitled” section in my board view.

If that’s the case then I think it makes sense for me to create a “Single Podcast Tasks” at the top to hold all the single tasks, but just wanted to check with you.

Thank you again for your help. I appreciate it :slight_smile:


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I think your idea to create a real section is a good one.

(I rarely use Board view so I don’t run into this issue.)



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