How to best organise my work in Asana - Projects and tasks

I’m just figuring out how to best use Asana to manage my projects.

I am starting a new podcast and would like to be able to manage it in Asana.

How do you recommend I best structure the work in Asana?

At present I have a project called “Podcast”

Then in that project I have a section called “Show Episodes”

And under that I have “Episode 1”, “Episode 2”, “Episode 3” etc.

And then I have my actual tasks to complete for each episode as subtasks.

Do you feel this is the best way to organise my work?

When I first started using Asana I did it a different way, where I created a new section for each episode.

I then had all the tasks I needed to do as tasks, and then I used sub tasks for smaller tasks if I needed to break my tasks down.

This felt like a better way to manage things but I’m not sure what the pros and cons are of working either way.

Would you please be able to advise on this?


Hello @Gavin_Mountford,

There are different ways you can set this up. Instead of a section called “show episodes” I’d rather use the sections to display the stage the podcast planning is in which could be the Idea stage, planning, scheduled, post-production work or similar and then you can move the tasks with subtasks along. You can use Task templates in order to create new tasks per podcast.

Or depending on how much work you do per podcast you might even consider creating a separate project per podcast, then instead of the subtasks you have actual tasks. But that is probably more recommended when you have a lot of work to be done per podcast and different people involved. As then you could also use the Portfolio view to have a top-level overview.

You can also find some templates on Templana.

And I have also found a template from Marquis.

I hope that helps.

Thank you, I appreciate it. I will have a play around with these ideas and get back with you if I have any questions.

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Hi there, I have another question related to this if possible?

I’ve now set this up and created a “Podcast” project.

I’ve also created various stages for the podcast such as “Idea”, “Scripting”, “Filming”, “Editing” etc.

For each episode I will create a task from my template tasks and move it to the various sections depending on which stage the episode is in.

My next question is:

I also have single action items for my podcast / show and I’m not sure where to put these? Does it make sense to create a separate section in the podcast project, or should I put these somewhere else?

And if I put them somewhere else, how would it be best to organise this?

Obviously I have a number of single tasks to do across various different projects, so I’m wondering how to best manage / organise these.

I feel that if I put these tasks in the podcast project then there will be extra sections that I do not need in my view and it will complicate things.


Hey @Gavin_Mountford,

the single tasks could be added in one separate section, for example called “One-Off Tasks” or “General Tasks” or “Admin Tasks”. I usually do this if the tasks are related to the main project.
Now if there are a lot you can what I often do is create another separate project and multihome all tasks from this section into the other project. And in this other project I can then also organize the tasks the way I want them (sections, etc).


It looks like you asked this question twice, in this thread and another.

See my reply here (in addition to @Andrea_Mayer’s good reply above):



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Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you, I appreciate it.

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