Any podcast managers out there using Asana to organize your podcast production?

Hi everyone! I am new to Asana and new to this forum. My biggest challenge so far is just determining the best set up or view or project style for certain projects. Specifically I am looking for suggestions from other podcast managers here on how you use Asana to manage your podcast production. I have a team of about 5 people who all collaborate on a weekly podcast. We are currently using Google sheets and Slack and Trello to do this. Each week is a new guest and at any given time I am juggling 5-10 guests in various stages of the workflow. I would like to consolidate all of this to Asana. Perhaps a template that I duplicate for each guest and then archive them once that episode is completed and published? IDK Any suggestions?

Hi @Amy_Prentice, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I don’t have experience planning podcasts but I’ll share some general tips to organize your project :slight_smile:

First of all, you are right, creating a template would be the best way to save time and make sure you follow the same process for each weekly podcast. You can create a project from scratch and mark it as a template: How to Use Asana Custom Templates • Asana, or you can use one of our Asana-created templates • Asana

Since your project will have a start and an end, I would recommend choosing a template that divides your sections into stages. For example:

You can find more templates at Asana Templates - Free Project, Management and Business Templates • Asana.

Once you create your project template,you can add more custom fields and customize it.

I hope this helps!

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