Question about using Asana to organize multiple leaders doing completing similar tasks

Hi all,

I’m new to Asana and am trying to figure out if this program will be the right fit for my team; I’m hoping you can help me!

My team manages multiple Executive Leaders, around 6-8 at the moment. Each Executive Leader has their own individual employees, but we also all work together for some projects. We want to create a space where each Executive Leader has their own space working on 3 basic projects. However, these 3 projects are overlapping a lot. For example:

We’ll call the Executive Leaders Abe, Ben, and Carlie. Abe, Ben, and Carlie’s 3 separate teams all want to create a social media content calendar that is separate for the three of them. However, the 3 teams also want to have one content calendar that has all of the content in one place so we can see how Abe, Ben, and Carlie are overlapping and how their content can work better together to create a stronger narrative. But, when just Abe’s team is working on his content, they only want to see his and not see Ben and Carlie’s.

Originally, I was labeling the Projects as the names of the leaders (Abe, Ben, Carlie, Etc.) but now each content calendar is separate. Would it be better to have the content calendar labeled as the Project and have the leaders be the Tasks? Is there another option that could be clearly define it? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated!

Hey @Rachel_Gledhill,

Have you thought about creating individual teams for each of the exec? For instance have a team called Abe, separate one called Ben, then another called Carlie. Then within each team you can have individual projects. You can then go a step deeper and assign resources to specific projects. This would help keep things separated but would also allow for the cross team collaboration. Then on the reporting side you could setup a report that includes all of the teams. If that didn’t give enough detail you could also create a report that would break down each individual resource and what they are assigned. That should help give a visual on resource allocation by the tasks assigned and the projects they are associated with across the different teams.


@Daniel04 That sounds great! Thank you so much! How could I then collaborate projects with each team? I haven’t learned how to do that yet. I know how to collaborate with individuals, but is there a way to add other entire teams to a project?

I have not found a way to share a project to a separate team and instead have had to share with individuals. When sharing a project with several users I have it more helpful to share the invite link rather than add each individual to the project.

So for my organization we have email distribution list that consist of individuals for each department for instance. So I would grab the invite link and email it out to the distribution list or department that needs to collaborate on a project that belongs to a team who they might not have access to in Asana.

Hopefully this helps and does not muddy the water further for you.

Also I have not tried it yet, but if you have a task and add an Assignee which is someone who does not have access to the specific project, they might automatically be granted access. That might be something worth testing.

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@Daniel04 You have been so helpful! Thank you!

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